POWER PET® Fully Automatic Dog Doors
High Tech Pet introduced the first fully automatic, electronic dog door in 1990. Since then we have continually improved our technology and designs to manufacture automatic dog doors that are light years ahead of anything else on the market. Our Power Pet fully automatic electronic pet door is the best-selling and best loved product of its kind, used daily by thousands of dogs. It is operated by a quiet DC motor that quickly opens a hermetically sealed panel allowing your dog or cat access while keeping out stray animals and intruders. No other electronic pet door features directional sensing to open only when the dog is on a direct approach, not just wandering by. No other electronic dog door features inside and outside range control or 4-way access control. The bullet-proof polycarbonate panel and auto dead-bolt lock make the Power Pet door among the most secure dog doors made. Power Pet doors are available in door mount, wall mount and our new, improved Sliding Glass Patio Dog Door Insert featuring heavy-duty aluminum construction with all stainless steel hardware and energy efficient, double pane Low-E glass. Sliding glass panels come with a universal lock that quickly adapts to virtually any sliding glass door. This product is backed by our full one year warranty, limited lifetime warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

ARMOR FLEX Air-Tight Aluminum Dog Doors
We are now proud to introduce the best engineered and best made mechanical flap dog doors on Earth. Our all new Armor Flex dog doors feature a revolutionary new approach to dog door flaps. Our flap is made of a series of interlocking segments providing horizontal rigidity to fully compress seals along the sides of the flap. Rare earth magnets placed at the ends of the flap segments correspond to magnets embedded in the frame to provide air-tight sealing along the sides. The segments pivot relative to each other providing vertical flexibility so that your dog can safely back up without getting pinched by the flap. The flap uses a fixed seal at the top and a floating magnetic bar at the bottom to provide air-tight seal at the bottom. The result is the best air-tight seal of any dog door made. Our new Armor Flex dog doors are built to last a lifetime with a heavy gauge aluminum frame with all stainless steel hardware, super high-strength poly-carbonate flap segments and a heavy security panel to keep out animals and intruders when you are away from home. Armor Flex dog doors mount in doors, walls and are also available in our new, Low-E sliding glass inserts. They stand up to extreme temperatures, strong winds, pounding rain and heavy snows, keeping your home safe and warm year around.

Great Dog Door Selection
In addition to High Tech Pet's Power Pet and Armor Flex brands, we also offer high quality and more economical alternatives from our friends at Patio Pacific. All together, we offer not only the best built dog doors on Earth but, a wide selection that should provide a reliable solution to any of your dog door needs.