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    Our products have been featured repeatedly on national TV shows and in major motion pictures. Here are just a few. Even more importantly, our products have been featured in videos taken by OUR CUSTOMERS Here are a few of those as well. We just love sharing them and hope you find them useful and entertaining.


    Here's the video that launched the Power Pet door into the largest selling electronic pet door on earth. Homeowner, Sheryl Perez, tells you how the Power Pet door changed her life!

    This is not a promotional video. We paid nothing to have it made or aired. The producers of HGTV saw our PX-2 Power Pet door at the Global Pet Expo and asked if they could do a segment on it. We were more than happy to oblige by installing a pet door in the home of Sheryl Perez. Lucky for us, she just loved it, or rather her dogs, Nellie and Nelson, did. The HGTV guys shot, wrote the narration, edited and aired the video entirely as content for their popular show "I Want That". A show that features the latest, most innovative and useful home improvement products. This video has been seen now by millions of viewers and has played a major role in making the Power Pet door the largest selling pet door in the world today.

    We were as surprised as could be when a year after the airing of the "I Want That" show we were approached by the producers of "Don't Sweat It" who were shooting a segment in Los Angeles demonstrating a home remodel. The home owners mentioned to the producers that they needed a way to allow their dog, Giget, come in and out of the house without inviting her raccoon and opossum neighbors in Hollywood Hills into the house as well. Host and builder extraordinaire, Steve Watson, was aware of the Power Pet door and sent his assistant up to our headquarters in Ventura, 60 miles to the north, to pick one up. Here Steve shows you how he installed the PX-2 large Power Pet door in a 3-season room addition. We edited the original 30 minute piece covering the complete remodel to include just the Power Pet door content. (After all, that's all we're selling here, right?) We think you will find this to be a very entertaining and useful installation video.

    This one took us completely by surprise. One day a friend of ours, who happens to be the owner of Ideal Pet Products, gave us a call to tell us he enjoyed the segment of "House Detective" featuring our Power Pet door. We had no clue ahead of time that our door had been featured. We looked up the HGTV on-air schedule to find the next air date and watched it for the first time on TV like everyone else. The great people at Home and Garden Television were nice enough to send us a tape of the show and give us permission to show it to you online.

    Here Contractor, Derren Fenton, tracks down the cause of extreme heat loss in a home. A cat door propped open because the cat wouldn't go through it when it was closed. Solution: The Power Pet door, of course. Watch Darren's installation of our model PX-1 medium size Automatic Pet Door as he warms up the home and its owners.


    Posted on YouTube by one of our many Power Pet door aficionados. Nice looking installation in wood siding using our quick, easy wall installation tunnel.

    Looks like Julius had no problem learning to use his new Power Pet door. Typically dogs learn to use their door within minutes. We have received thousands of comments from customers who all seem to echo "My dog LOVES this door!" Of course they do. No more having to wait for their lazy owners to let them out at 5 AM. No flap to push open. And many dogs, like Julius here, will tell you they just like it cause it's cool!

    "Wow! Good thing I have my Power Pet door. Otherwise, I'd never be able to get in and out to catch my treats." Proof that any dog can learn to use the Power Pet door.

    Very nice installation job. As you can see, the Power Pet door looks attractive and will embellish the appearance of your lovely home.

    Glad you love our new collar. How about joining High Tech Pet as a full time spokesperson?!

    These two pups seem to love their new Power Pet door and had no trouble learning to use it. Installation looks very nice too. Thanks for uploading this video.