Model B3V1A
Battery 2-Pack for MS-4 and MS-5 Digital Ultrasonic Pet Collar

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to always use genuine High Tech Pet ® replacement batteries. There are inexpensive knock-offs with battery chemistries that can damage the collar circuitry. Damage from use of off-brand batteries will void your product warranty.

Model #: B3V1A-6pk
Reg: $43.00
Today's Sale Price:
  • Small, Lightweight
  • Powers Your MS-4 and MS-5 Ultrasonic Collar for Up To 3 Months
  • Has a Shelf Life of Years
  • 6-Pack


batteries for your electronic dog collars
New B3V1A Lithium Battery 6-Pk

Genuine B-3V1A Batteries Safely Power Your MS-4 and MS-5 Collars
Designed specifically to prevent damage if accidentally installed incorrectly, , This battery has been designed by the developers of the original Fully Automatic Power Pet Doors and safely powers your MS-4 and MS-5 electronic pet collars. Typically powers your MS-4 and MS-5 collar for 3 months, and has a shelf life of years. Also sold in 1-pack, 2-pack and 12-pack.

NOTE: This battery is required for all of the new High Tech Pet MS-4 and MS-5 Digital Ultrasonic Collars. Please ensure that you order ONLY the B3V1A battery for your MS4 or MS5 collar.

replacement batteries for your dog door and bark collars



Length: .63
Width: .63
Thickness: .13

For MS-4 and MS-5 Ultrasonic Pet Collars Weight: .03


Product Reviews

  Great Battery, Lasts Long Time, Mar 6, 2014
Posted By:

High Tech Pet Single Electronic Collar Battery for Models MS-4 and MS-5, has a long life and is easy to replace. I love High Tech Pet because I own an electronic door from High Tec Pet so that my puppy could go out to the back yard and do his business. My yard is fenced. He walks up to the door it opens and it is the most awesome product I have ever bought. I highly recommend it... Training made easy!

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  Batteries, Jan 21, 2014
Posted By:

We have an electronic dog door. Our two dogs can come and go with little risk of admitting unwanted critters. We have an extra collar for visiting dogs. We like to have a couple of extra batteries around to avoid complications. BTW - if you live in an area with lots of undesirable critters; rats, raccoons, lizards, etc. an electronic door is wonderful. It also helps reduce weather intrusions like rain, snow, and wind-blown stuff.

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  Heck Yeah, Dec 29, 2013
Posted By:

Good, great, fantastic, wonderful, superb, nice, cool, Awesome, dude,far out, clean, a good, High five, superb, face book post-able and tweetable too.

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  All Good, Dec 20, 2013
Posted By:

Re: criticism for having to use "special" batteries: well I don't like that I have to pay extra for the "special" printer cartridges either, but this is what free enterprise is about! Deal with it! This door is a quality product and I'm willing to pay for the batteries because it's cheaper than replacing rugs and furnitures damaged by pets who can't get out to do their business during the day. I also appreciate the peace of mind for the security of the door. Top notch product. The collars are maintaining fine. batteries last about 5 months. Don't let the negative reviews about the battery cost deter you from considering this door. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat if I move.

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  Gotta Have It, Aug 26, 2013
Posted By:

The life span of these batteries is very good. My dogs give these a work out inside their entry collars. Cold climate, hot climate, dry and wet. They always work!

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  Battery Exclusive to Collar, Aug 14, 2013
Posted By:

Battery life is about 3 months. Works great with the collars.

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  Batteries for Dog Collars, Jul 13, 2013
Posted By:

A little pricey, but could not find the batteries anywhere else, not even Batteries Plus. No choices to purchase any place else, and the Dog Collars is for them to let themselves out all day long. Is the price to much for their freedom?

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  Batteries Work Fine, May 31, 2013
Posted By:

We have an electronic pet door for our two dogs, original batteries wore out and could not find replacements locally. Easily found on htp website at a reasonable price, work fine.

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  Good Battery Life at Reasonable Price, Sep 13, 2013
Posted By:

These batteries last about 5 months - which is pretty good because my three dogs are constantly going in and out of the door.

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