Extra Rugged, Fully Waterproof, Digital Electronic Pet Collar.

Operates Power Pet Door, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to always use genuine High Tech Pet ® replacement batteries. There are inexpensive knock-offs with battery chemistries that can damage the collar circuitry. Damaged caused by off brand batteries will void the MS-5 warranty.

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Model #: MS-5-ASM
Reg: $55.99
Today's Sale Price:
Include Extra Batteries?
  • Operates all High Tech Pet Ultrasonic Products, Which Includes Sound Barrier, Yard Barrier, and Power Pet Door
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Immersible Up To 6 Ft.
  • Super Rugged Design
  • Included One 3V1A Battery (Lasts about 2 months)

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fully waterproof dog collar
Super Advanced Technology, Value Pricing!

The Gold Standard of Pet Electronics Technology

Digital circuitry in this state of the art design provides a strong signal and maintains accuracy over all temperature ranges. It is extra rugged so it won't get damaged during your dog's "ruffhousing".

With a robust, fully enclosed ultrasonic transducer speaker, it is immersible to 6ft., and although we don't recommend immersing your dog in 6 ft. of water without scuba gear, the collar will stay high and dry!

The MS-5 uses our specially designed B-3V1A battery which lasts about 3 months and prevents damage to the circuitry if the battery is installed incorrectly.

The MS-5 Pet Collar encompasses the Ultrasonic family of our exclusive Pet Activated World System (PAWS). It powers ALL Power Pet Door models, the Sound Barrier Wireless Sonic Indoor Area Fence, and the Yard Barrier Outdoor Sonic Area Fence.

NOTE: MS5 Collar ships with B-3V1A battery, which is the ONLY COMPATIBLE BATTERY FOR THIS COLLAR. Please ensure that when re-ordering batteries for this collar, B-3V1A battery is chosen.

dog collar compatible with your electronic pet door


1 MS-4 Pet Collar
1 B3V1A Battery

Length of Case: 1-7/8"
Width of Case: 1"
Depth of Case: 3/8"
Collar Adjustment Length: 1" - 24-1/2"
UPC: 032868201053





11 review(s)
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  Get Dielectric Silicone Grease, June 26, 2019
Posted By: Whit
26 people found this review helpful

Leaving a review here in the hopes of helping others. If your dogs like the water--get some dielectric silicone grease and fill the battery compartment with the goop. When you close the compartment, grease should come out of the screw hole. Have been running the collars on two water dogs for about a year and on my 4th battery change., A much better lifespan than the two weeks before corrosion shorted out the collar.

Wouldn't be the worst idea for HighTechPet to toss a small packet of dielectric grease in the collar packet.

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  Happy Labs/Happier Doggy Daddy., October 28, 2018
Posted By: Don Landrum
15 people found this review helpful

Have 2 Black Labs that are my bird Dogs and constant companions. They are both high energy and are in and out all day long thru their Hi tech pet door. Transmitter collars were a problem as the plastic hardware was always breaking. Found a solution with Shawn Scott at Rogue K9 Twine. Shawn has a transmitter pouch made of 550 paracord, no more broken hardware/collars. Transmitter pouch is very high quality and a bargain for the price. Contact Shawn at or 1-541-261-9294. She makes custom collars and leashes too. give Shawn a try, you will not be disappointed.

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  Large Pet Door, December 27, 2017
Posted By: j.castle
9 people found this review helpful

The product is nicely made with easy to follow installation instructions, Installation requires exact boring of mounting holes as any off level angle and the screws won't mate on the opposite panel. The unit worked fine mechanically however, the M5 collar unit emits an irritating noise which in our case the dogs disliked so much that they where constantly trying to rip the unit from their collars. After some time we had to give up on the unit. Follow up with the company was no help as we where advised this was normal. So now I have an expensive hole blocker in my door and we still have to worry about open doors and wild life entering the house.

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  MS-5 digital pet collar, September 28, 2017
Posted By: Ann Napier
6 people found this review helpful

Love the collar. However would like the manufacture to see if they could use the collar which is on the

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  Functionally Great - Not Puppy Proof, March 2, 2016
Posted By: Jamie
11 people found this review helpful

This collar, along with the electronic door we purchased, work pretty-much as advertised. Our puppies learned how to use the door on the first day. The batteries have tended to last us approximately 4 months. We had one collar fail after 3 months, but the friendly customer service rep at HighTech Pet promptly replaced it, at absolutely no cost. I would rate the collar higher, but unfortunately, it's just not as "puppy-rugged" as I would hope. Puppies like to chew on things and each other. When you put "things" on "each other", well, that's just double fun. We've had to replace 2 collars/"electronic chew-toys". If you don't have 2 or more puppies, this probably won't be an issue for you, and you'll find this collar to be "excellent".

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  Love The MS-5, December 26, 2015
Posted By: Pennye
12 people found this review helpful

We love our door and MS-5 collars. It allows our 5 dogs to come and go as they please while we are at work and even when we are at home. This new collar works a lot better than the older models. We just ordered one for our cat that keeps following the dogs out and then cannot get back in. I would definitely recommend the door and collar for your pets. Super happy with it.

Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No, November 22, 2015
Posted By: Roger Bouws
18 people found this review helpful

Great setup as we both work and this allows our 2 dogs to get out when they want and the backyard has 8ft wood fence.
Batteries go to fast
The way the remote connects to the collar needs to be redone. I want the ability to connect them to any collar especially a wider one. Use a ratcheting ring attached to the remote or something like that

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  Functionally Great, November 20, 2015
Posted By: Jamie
22 people found this review helpful

We purchased 3 of these collars and all 3 work just as we had hoped - great. When we first ordered them, I was worried the electronic units would be too big for our toy Yorkie. Fortunately, that was not the case. The collar fits him well and does not interfere with his movements - he doesn't think twice about having it on. The reason I only rated the collar as "Good", is because the MS-5 unit is extremely limited, with regards to the collars you can attach to it. The attachment points on the device only allow you to use very narrow and thin nylon collars. The collars that came with the devices are understandably very plain. We wanted to replace the collars with ones that have our dogs' names and our contact info. So far, we've been unable to find decorative nylon collars that will fit the MS-5's. Using 2 collars on each dog is just too much and does look or work well. I'd like to see the manufacturer redesign the attachment points to allow for more collar-mounting flexibility.

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  Battery Life, September 21, 2015
Posted By: ChrisF
9 people found this review helpful

My only problem is my bigger dog's battery only seemed to last about 2 months. She was just allowed to come back inside so it could be that she just wore it out with all the running in and out she was doing. They are excellent collars and batteries. I love that I can have my dogs in their pen and not worry about stray cats coming in or my inside cats making it outside.

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  Very Happy Dogs, August 18, 2014
Posted By: ConnieG
14 people found this review helpful

The MS5 collars are working very well, have had one battery change in 4 Mos. Have 2 busy labs that swim in the pool and love running through the sprinklers...I remove the collars for swim time although we've had a couple of mishaps and one collar stopped working but dried out the inside and works again--discovered that the screws needed to be tightened a bit, no problem since. Very happy with the doggie door system especially since we live in Phoenix and the door keeps out the hot, hot outside air.

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  Great little collar, July 10, 2014
Posted By: sally n
21 people found this review helpful

this collar is a great improvement over the old MS2 model, which was junk. I love this one though, it's much sturdier and holds up to getting wet.

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Include Extra Batteries?:
MSRP: $55.99
Today: $49.99
B3V1A-2P BATTERY  2-PK CUSTOM LITHIUM BATTERY 2 PACK - For MS-4 and MS-5 Ultrasonic Collars
MSRP: $15.49
Today: $13.99

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