Model HP-2
Progressive Sonic Anti Barking Collar

Stops Dog Barking with Humane, Painless Sound - Not Shock

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Model #: HP-2
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  • Uses No Shock and Causes no Pain or Discomfort to Your Pet.
  • High quality nylon strap adjusts from 5" to 24"
  • Lightweight and Comfortable on Dogs Weighing as Little as 5 lbs.
  • Effective on Dogs Weighing as Much as 150 lb or More!
  • Water Resistant - Rain and Snow Will Not Affect Operation
  • Operates on a 6 Volt Alkaline Battery Available Below
  • Voice Recognition Feature Minimizes False Triggering.

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World's Best Non Shock Dog Bark Collar!

The Bark Stops Here!
This advanced dog training collar automatically increases sonic output until your dog shuts up! This super effective anti barking collar is the only bark control collar that emits a progressively increasing high pitched tone which becomes more intense as the dog's barking persists. The Super Hush Puppy's bark stopping tone is automatically increased through four levels, resetting once barking ceases for more than thirty seconds. Our voice recognition feature eliminates false triggering.

Principles of Operation: Using a microphone to detect your dog's bark, a tone is sounded for approximately 1/2 second. At the second bark, the tone sounds for one second. After the third bark, the tone is increased to 2 seconds, then to 3 seconds after the fourth bark. The tone will continue to sound for three seconds after each bark until the dog ceases barking for thirty seconds or more. The use of our unique progressively increasing sound stimulus is more effective in stopping barking because it quickly teaches your dog a pattern which is in direct response to the animal's behavior. This technique is guaranteed to stop your dog from barking in the fastest time possible without painful shock.

Clinical Studies: Clinical tests show the Super Hush Puppy to be effective for over 90% of problem barking dogs. This is the best result achieved by any sonic bark control collar.


High quality nylon strap adjusts from 5" to 24"
Aprox Dimensions: 1.5" X 2.25" X 1.25" high
Weight: 2.2 oz
Operates on one 6 volt battery (available below)



Product Reviews

  Works Great, Mar 6, 2014
Posted By:

We have a Papillon that barks at everything. Another collar shocked her too much and just wasn't working.This collar allows the high pitch to sound long before the shock happens. Matter of fact, it rarely shocks her as the high pitched sound usually shuts her up. But, as soon as we take it off, she is back to barking. I guess she will wear it her entire life!

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  Fantastic, Jan 26, 2014
Posted By:

I have to say I never thought this collar would work---but--the price was right so we gave it a try.Best shot in the dark I ever took. Our Labradoodle Sadie has a deep bark.She would bark at everything that walked by the house. Replaced her collar with the Hush Puppy.Success the first day.She stopped barking after the first couple of barks.It was like magic.We left the collar on for about a week--that's all she needed. Now---she barks very little in a very low tone.Hard to believe but she knew not to bark to loud. Soooooooooo Sadie can still be a dog and do what dogs do--We have let other neighbors try the collar with their dogs---some dogs would jump and pound on the windows when I would take Sadie for a walk.Not anymore. It stopped the neighboring dogs hyperactivity as well as the barking. A tiny sound from a collar----and that's all it took.I'm still amazed at the results.

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  Collar Works Well, Dec 31, 2013
Posted By:

The collar works well, but would be even better with an on/off switch. I have to remove the battery when I don't want it activated (sometimes you want your pet to be able to bark)

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  Hush Puppy is for Real, Sep 16, 2013
Posted By:

After reading all the reviews,and being awaken by good old "Roxie" at 3:30 AM something had to be done.After purchasing the unit,it went to work right away.Peace and restful sleep again. I have been telling all my friends about the "Hush Puppy", and of how "Roxie" is trying to figure out what went wrong. I recomend this product to anyone with a barking dog problem.It is a safe an humane way to solve the problem.

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  Best No Bark Collar, Aug 06, 2013
Posted By:

I read a review regarding this collar prior to ordering it. And she was spot on! This collar is terrific! The very first day that I put it on my dog he improved! There are certain things that cause him to bark excessively, like the Gardner or Pool man and I could never get him to stop barking. The collar emits a tone that gets louder and longer every time he barks. Typically by the 3rd time he is barking excessively he stops and gives up. I no longer have to waste my yelling at him to make him stop, he wouldn't listen to me when he was like that anyway. As far as the intermittent barking, a kid playing out side or a neighbor walking their dogs by, has improved dramatically. The issue that the other reviewer mentioned about multiple dogs, and another one without the collar sets off the sound on the dog with the collar, is totally true. However, I have noticed an improvement in my non collared dogs barking. He barks way less now too! Thank you for such a wonderful product! I love it! My only down side comment would be that the battery is hard to find. We had to order it online, couldn't find it at any stores around us. My comment to anyone looking for a No Bark Collar, get the SUPER HUSH PUPPY 2 "NO SHOCK" No bark collar. There is no reason to shock your dog to get them to stop barking this product is amazing! Thank you!

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  It Really Works, Jun 25, 2013
Posted By:

Big news around my house is that it works on a 50lb compulsive barker. It emits a sound different than the other sonic items I've tried - and he absolutely hates the sound and stops barking immediately. He not only doesn't bark but once, he runs off if someone else barks. Result is no one barks, because he's always been the instigator. He's also seemed to break his compulsion - he barks less altogether. When he doesn't have it on and starts barking because of someone arriving - I just hold it up and approach him he stops barking. So I tried shock, other sonic bark-stoppers, and citronella, and this is the only one that has worked! Whew, it is quiet here again, after 3+ years! I'd about given up hope, but 4 dogs were moving in next door and I got desperate. If it hadn't had a money-back guarantee I wouldn't have tried it.

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