Model #: SS-1SA
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  • Emitts Startling Sonic Blast at the Touch of a Paw
  • Triggers Stimulus on Optional Collar
  • Works with Any High Tech Pet Electronic Fence Collar Including BF-22 & BF-30 Bluefang Collars
  • 3 Modes of Operation
  • Works Only On Pets Wearing Transmitter Collar - No Fear of Stimulus to People
SUPER SCRAM MAT - Works Alone and with Any High Tech Pet Fence Collar
SUPER SCRAM MAT - Works Alone and with Any High Tech Pet Fence Collar


Super Scram Scat Pad

Like our extremely popular Sofa Scram, the NEW Super Scram™ emits a SOUND BLAST to keep your pets off of the sofa, chairs, counter tops, out of rooms or away from trash cans. What makes the Super Scram so SUPER is it will work with any one of our High Tech Pet electronic fence collars, giving you the option of Static stimulus, to reinforce the training for that extra stubborn pet.

Purchased as is, the SUPER SCRAM repels any pet by emitting a startling tone at the touch of a paw (great for cats and dogs alike). Purchase an optional collar to add static stimulus for that stubborn pooch. When the Super Scram is used with any one of our High Tech Pet Collars you will have the 3 different modes of operation to choose from; Static stimulus Only, Sound Only, Static stimulus and Sound together. Only when your pet steps on the new Super Scram, will a radio signal be sent to the collar. The collar then will emit a harmless, but unpleasant static stimulus to make your pet Scram!

Modes of Operation
  • Sound Only
  • Static Stimulus Only (Requires collar)
  • Sound with Static Stimulus (Requires collar)

  • Compatible High Tech Pet Electronic Fence Collars
  • BF-30 5 in 1 Super Collar
  • BF-22 4 in 1 Multi Function Collar
  • RX-10 Rechargeable Collar (also opens Power Pet door)
  • RC-8 Fence collar with replaceable battery

  • Specifications

    Length: 60"
    Width: 14"

    Requires (1) 9V Battery (Sold Below)



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      Cat stays off couch, July 11, 2014
    Posted By: Nancy Miller
    16 people found this review helpful

    Love this product. My cat had for some strange reason, taken to peeing on the couch (luckily it's leather) but it was really obnoxious, so I bought this and the FIRST time she jumped up the couch, it went off, and she did a reverse jump immediately! She never got on the couch again. Now I don't even have to turn it on, all she has to do is see it and she stays out of wherever she's not allowed. Love it!

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