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Radio Signal From Pad Triggers Stimulus at Dog's Collar!

Trains Only the Pets You Choose Without Shocking People!
Keep pets off furniture, away from trash cans, doorways, and anywhere else that's off limits to pets! Radio Mat ™ is a great alternative to SOFA SCRAM SCAT MAT ® because it corrects only pets wearing the radio collar, not people. It also gives you the painless SOUND BLAST feature.

3 MODES OF OPERATION include SHOCK ONLY; SOUND ONLY; SOUND AND SHOCK TOGETHER: When your pet steps on our new RADIO MAT electronic scat pad, it sends out a radio signal to your pet’s special radio receiver collar. Depending on how you have the settings configured, the collar then emits a harmless but unpleasant sound stimulus, shock stimulus, or both, to make your pet SCAT! Only pets wearing the collar are affected. No need to worry about small children or unsuspecting guests touching the pad and receiving the shock. Add as many extra transmitter pads as you like to control multiple areas. Add as many transmitter collars as you like to control multiple pets. Only our exciting new RADIO MAT gives you a complete, versatile area restriction training system in one convenient product!

RC-8 RADIO COLLAR - PART OF OUR EXCLUSIVE PAWS SYSTEM: One of the best features of all is that our innovative new RADIO MAT uses the exact same RC-8 Ultra-Slim Collar which works with all HUMANE CONTAIN ™ electronic pet fences. If you own or are considering a purchase of a Humane Contain ™ pet containment fence, the RADIO MAT™ Transmitter pad will also work with the very same RC-8 Radio Collar, making it part of our exclusive Pet Activated Wireless System.


(1) Radio Mat Scat Pad
(1) RC-8 Radio Collar (battery included)

Requires 9 Volt Battery (Sold Below)

RADIO MAT, RM-1 Electronic Scat Pad
MSRP: $149.99
Today: $129.99
SUPER SCRAM MAT - Works Alone and with Any High Tech Pet Fence Collar
MSRP: $99.99
Today: $59.99
9 Volt Alkaline Battery 2 Pack
MSRP: $3.99
Today: $3.49
B-3V8 COLLAR BATTERY 2 PACK - For RC-6, RC-7, RC-8 Radio Collars and BT-3 Bark Collar
MSRP: $15.49
Today: $13.99