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H igh Tech Pet is America's Pet Store for energy efficient doggie doors. We have a selection of the best made, best insulated and most air tight dog and cat doors made. All our featured models get rave reviews as the gold standard in weatherproof pet doors that give your pet the freedom to pass in and out without driving your energy bills through the "rooff".

Did you think that Dogwalk, Petsafe or Johnson dog flaps were the most energy efficient? Truth is, the most energy efficient dog doors on earth are made by Patio Pacific (Endura Flap), Ideal Pet Products (Ruff Weather) and, of course, High Tech Pet with the absolute best insulated, air tight pet door, the Power Pet Door. The only pet door made that won't leak a single breath of air even in hurricane force winds. And you've come to the ideal place to find all three brands ready for same day shipment.

Check out our newest product! Our E-Glass Series Power Pet patio door insert includes a fully Automatic Power Pet Door, mounted in an energy efficient dual pane sliding glass panel. This is an ultra-high quality product that combines beauty, sophistication and energy efficiency with the highest technology available today.

This all new extra rugged design features dual pane “Low E” tempered glass and an extra heavy duty aluminum frame coated with an industrial quality "powder coat" finish. Note that in addition to the dual pane, “Low E” glass, the aluminum frame is nearly twice as thick and about 8 times more strong and ridged than our standard “Perfect Fit” patio pet door panels.

The self-contained unit easily fits into your sliding glass-patio door track and adjusts to your door’s individual height with a special spring loaded top section for quick, perfect installation. Your patio door slides shut against our insert and may be locked with our security locking bolt. Full Weather stripping is included. The entire installation process usually takes less than one hour.

This is the perfect choice for people who are energy-conscious and those who live in extreme weather climates. This door will stand up to the toughest weather challenges without having to sacrifice beauty and elegance.

Our all new, patented Power Pet door is fully automated and activated by your pet’s digitally coded ultrasonic collar. These ingenious doors keep out stray animals while allowing your pets the freedom to come and go without requiring you to act as your pet’s personal doorman. The sleek and elegant design is also rugged and completely wind and weather resistant. No drafts will penetrate your Power Pet door even in hurricane force winds providing the most energy efficient pet door on Earth.

The Power Pet door also increases home security with an automatic steel dead bolt lock and bulletproof door panel which, when activated by your pet, quickly and quietly disappears into the stylish housing. The Power Pet door also features a unique directional sensing system that allows the panel to open only when your pet is directly approaching the door, not when your pet is just wandering by. This door is also completely safe for pets and children because the panel is closed smoothly and safely by gravity, not by the motor. Should the lightweight panel encounter an obstruction while closing, it will automatically retract into the open position.

Your pet will learn to operate the Power Pet door in minutes and learn to love it for a lifetime. The Amazing Power Pet door adds a wonderful high tech touch to your home while increasing its safety, security and energy efficiency and giving your pets something to howl (or meow) about!

Although the design is rugged and weather-proof, it is also sleek and sophisticated. 2 sizes - Medium, for pets up to 30lbs and Large, for pets up to 90lbs, combine with 3 height ranges to work with almost any pet, and any sliding glass patio door.

Weatherstripping, draftstopper, and a sturdy automatic locking system complete this truly amazing, fully automatic, patio pet door.

Comes standard with our water-resistant MS-4 collar, but you can optionally choose our NEW Extra Rugged, Fully Waterproof MS-5 Pet Collar. Both the MS-4 and MS-5 control the Power Pet Door, Sound Barrier Indoor Pet Barrier, and Yard Barrier Outdoor Pet Barrier. As an alternative option, you can purchase the RX-10 Pet Collar, which controls the Power Pet Doors, Sound Barrier, Yard Barrier, Radio Mat Indoor Pet Barrier, and Humane Contain Electronic Fence System. This one outstanding collar controls all these sonic and radio products, creating your own Pet Automated World™.