Replacement Transmitter Model TX-2

Model #: TX-2
Reg: $74.99
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  • Fully Illuminated System Control Panel Continuously Shows You System Status, Battery Condition, Loop Continuity and Power Mode
  • Cable Break Alarm
  • Power Boost Switch
  • Easy Adjust Field Width Control
  • Water-Sealed Housing
  • Smart Power Switch
  • Optional Rechargeable Back-Up Battery
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TX-2 Pet Fence Transmitter

Water-Sealed Housing, Outdoor Mountable!
Our Model TX-2 Replacement transmitter comes standard with all Humane Contain™ HC-8000 and X-10 series electronic dog fences. Note that it is compatible with ALL current models of Humane Contain&tradce; radio collars including RC-7, RC-8 and RX-10 collars. Therefore, you can use this transmitter as a replacement or an upgrade.

What makes a great electronic pet fence transmitter? Power, Reliability, Durability, Rangeablity and most importantly User Friendliness. The powerful new TX-2 base station transmitter provides superior performance in all these areas.

One look tells you that the TX-2 is the most advanced and most user-friendly dog fence transmitter made. The TX-2 uses the latest radio technology combined with some very sophisticated engineering to give you a device that is very powerful yet very stable. Other systems, even those that claim to use digital signal processing, have problems with "drift". They require constant adjustment to keep the field width consistent. No so with the TX-2. Once you set up your wire and adjust the field width, that's where it stays.

The TX-2 is packed with user-friendly features such as a fully water sealed casing, making it the only Pet Containment Transmitter that works reliably when mounted outdoors. It is also the only Pet Containment transmitter that gives you the option of installing a AUTOMATICALLY RECHARGING back-up battery. With this feature you never have to worry about your dog escaping due to a electrical power failure. If your household power goes out the back-up battery automatically kicks in to keep the boundary field active. Once power is restored the "Smart Power Switch" switches back to ac power and the back-up battery automatically recharges. Just install the battery once and never worry about power outages or battery charging again.

Perhaps the most user-friendly feature is the TX-2's fully illuminated, system status panel that tells you at a glance the operating status of your system. It continuously monitors Overall System Status, Back-up Battery Condition, Power Mode (ac or dc) and Wire Loop Continuity. If your wire breaks or becomes disconnected the TX-2 alerts you with a Flashing Warning Lamp and a loud audible alarm.

All that is packed into a powerful radio transmitter that will cover up to 30 acres. Need more range than that? Flip on the Power Boost Switch and cover up to 50 acres! No other electronic fence transmitter gives you all these useful features in a stylish, water-sealed package designed for performance, reliability and long life!


TX-2 Transmitter
15 vdc 250 mA AC Adapter
Mounting Hardware

Replacement Transmitter Model TX-2
MSRP: $74.99
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