For Electronic Fence Wires

Model #: DTS-1
Reg: $29.99
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  • Allows Easy Installation of Boundary Wire Across Any Hard Surface
  • Can Be Used With Any Brand of Electronic Fence and All Types of Boundary Wire
  • Protects Your Boundary Wire As It Crosses Your Driveway Or Walkway
  • Attractive Appearance

Cross Your Driveway Easily
With Our Convenient Driveway Traverse Strip!

Easy to Use, Attractive Appearance
Easily cross driveways and walks with your electronic fence wire. This convenient traverse strip eliminates the need to create a wire slit. No sawing or caulking. This durable rubber strip attractively covers and protects the pet fence wire. You can drive over it, walk over it, even mow over it with no damage to the underlying boundary wire. Made of durable elastomer that will last years. Taking only minutes to install, the Humane Contain® Driveway Traverse Strip is the quick easy way to install fence boundary wire across your drive or walkway. Order additional strips for surfaces wider than 16 feet.

Measures 2 in. x ¼ in. x 16 feet long. Use to run boundary wire across any hard surface. Can be used with any brand of electronic fence and all types of boundary wire. Protects your boundary wire as it crosses your driveway or walkway.

Measures 2" Wide X 1/4" Deep X 16' long
Allows easy installation of boundary wire across any hard surface Made of super durable elastomer