Door Mount Pet Doors

Door Mount Pet Doors


High Tech Pet Products, specializes in the design and manufacture of superior dog doors and cat doors. Our wide array of door mount pet doors, are engineered for durability, weather resistance, attractive appearance and quick, easy installation. With just a few simple tools almost anyone can install one of our door mounted pet doors in any household wooden door. Installation in metal doors is also a popular option with our doors but, for that we recommend professional installation.

To install a pet door in a household door we recommend that you remove the door from its hinges. Measure the distance from the ground to your pet's shoulder. This will be the point where you place the top edge of your pet door flap. Place the included template on your door so that the top edge of the cut out lines up with your measurement and trace the cut out. Drill holes at opposite corners then make your cut out with a jigsaw or circular saw. Screw front and back halves of the pet door in place, remount your door on its hinges and you're done. Installation is that quick and easy.

Choose from our wide variety of door install doors including Endura flap doors made by Patio Pacific and Ruff Weather doors made by Ideal Pet Products. Both are excellent extreme weather pet doors. And for the ultimate in weather resistance, security and beauty, our amazing Power Pet fully automatic electronic pet doors are the ultimate in a high quality, durable performance pet door. Whatever pet door you choose you have our team of expert customer care reps standing by to assist you in a successful installation. You won't find a better dog or cat door from Petsafe, Hale, Johnson or any other pet door manufacturer. You can purchase our great pet doors at Petsmart, Petco, The Home Depot or Lowes and we encourage you to shop at these great retailers. However, if you purchase here from High Tech Pet directly, you are assured of the Best Pricing, Best Warranty and Extraordinary Customer Service.

Your great doggie deserves his own personal doggy door and

You Deserve the Freedom from Doggie Doorman Duty!