Humane Contain™ HC-7000TX Replacement Transmitter

Model #: HCT-1
Reg: $149.95
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HC-7000TX Transmitter powers Humane Contain™ receiver collar models RC-3A, TC-3A and RC-8. (For rechargeable colar models RC-3R and TC-3R, use transmitter model HC-700TXR.) This unit may be used to replace a damaged transmitter or to convert an existing "Invisible Fence," "Innotek," "Pet Safe" or other system to our more advanced Humane Contain™ system. If you already have a burried cable, simply replace the existing transmitter with the HC-7000TX unit and add as many Humane Contain™ receiver collars as you like.

Features variable field width control, Cable brake indicator and Lightening protection. When used with RC-1 and TC-1 Receiver collars, the XLT-1000 features 4 automatically increasing levels of correction and auto increasing warning tone.

Humane Contain™ HC-7000TX Replacement Transmitter
MSRP: $149.95
Today: $89.95