The Revolutionary Stimulus System that Automatically Adjusts to the Individual Temperament of Your Pet

    Pulsed Proportional Stimulus

    The Amazing Stimulus Technology That Actually Lets Your Pet Decide How Much Stimulus is Enough

    Sound and Shock Pulse Rate is Increased as Your Pet Moves Closer to the Boundary Wire

    Our proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ System is a revolutionary new technology that makes Humane Contain™ Electronic Dog Fences stand apart from all other radio dog fences made. This new technology is different from competing products like Innotek ®, Petsafe ®, Invisible Fence ® and Dogtra ®, in two very imporntant ways.

    1. Sound and Shock stimuli are delivered in short, intense bursts, not a continuous correction.
    2. This gives your dog a chance to think without panic. It is less traumatic but more effective in getting your dog's attention and significantly speeds up training time.

    3. The Pulse Rate of the Sound and Shock Stimulus bursts is increased continuously as your dog approaches the boundary wire.
    4. No "Zones" or "Levels" The closer your dog moves toward the boundary, the more rapid the pulses become allowing your dog to decide how much stimulus is enough to engender the retreat behavior.

    Our ingenious new Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ technique is quite different than competing brands of electronic fencing that claim to have "Progressive Stimulus" or "Run-Through" prevention. The other electric fence systems typically have a tone only warning zone, followed by a mild stimulus zone and finally a high level shock zone very close to the wire. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ overcomes many inherent problems with these conventional electronic pet containment systems.

    First, electronic fences that feature "tone only" warning zones often allow the dog to escape because many animals quickly learn that if they stand in the warning zone long enough, the tone stops (the collar battery has run down). Once the warning tone stops the dog figures out that he is now free to leave. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ applies a full voltage shock at the first correction. This stimulus will get your dog's attention 100% of the time but, the pulse is so short that your dog will probably not perceive it as painful. After selling many thousands of these systems, we have had no reports of dogs lingering in the warning zone.

    Second, dog containment systems that feature "Run Through" prevention create zones wherein a low voltage shock is followed by a higher voltage shock. Depending upon the dog's temperament the mild shock can fall into one of only two categories. Too little, in which the dog simply ignore the stimulus, or too much, in which case the dog reacts with trauma. With Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ your dog decides how much stimulus is enough. As your pet first comes within the outermost boundary area he receives a single stimulus pulse. Since this pulse is a FULL VOLTAGE stimulus it will immediately get your pet’s attention. But because it is of very short duration pet will probably not perceive it as painful. If your dog continues toward the boundary, the shocks are pulsed at an increasing rate, until even the most stubborn animal will retreat.

    Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ Also Makes the Best Use of Sound Stimulus. Ever since Pavlov, it's been well known that sound stimulus greatly affects dog behavior. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus ™ reinforces the shock pulse stimulus with sound pulses. Our sound stimulus is not just a barely audible warning tone. Every time your dog receives shock pulse, a loud pulse of sound is also delivered. This sound pulse intensifies the perceived effect of the shock stimulus resulting in much quicker, deeper training with less pain.

    The overall result is a more humane training system, that requires less training time and more reliability contains your dog.