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Model #: UG-300
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The Pet Containment system guaranteed to work Best!

Our NEW, Humane Contain pet containment system is the Most Effective, Most Reliable, Most Humane hidden fence made! Includes advanced features found only on systems costing hundreds more.

The Best Value of Any Pet Containment Fence, Anywhere!
Our full featured HUMANE CONTAIN electronic dog fence keeps your pet contained inside the boundary you define with a buried cable. Our special Pulse Modulated Stimulus system delivers a special high frequency pulse that delivers an extremely irritating stimulus but, causes zero cellular damage. As your dog approaches the boundary, a warning tone is sounded and very mild stimulus is applied, giving your pet a chance to retreat before painful shock is administered. Your pet will quickly learn to retreat upon hearing the tone without having to suffer the shock each time it approaches the boundary. Our true digital circuitry guarantees absolutely no false triggers. Only the UG-300 transmitter can activate our unique digital receiver collar. (Regardless of advertising, systems that use analog "filtered" signals experience some false shocks from environmental radio noise.) Humane contain also features an Auto Safety Shut-Off. If your pet gets trapped in the correction zone, the receiver automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. Our NEW RC-1 Ultra-Light collar is designed for maximum comfort.


  • Ultra Light Pet Receiver Collar
  • Dual Zone Digital Transmitter
  • 500 Feet of Extra Heavy Duty, Rough Weather Cable
  • 50 Boundary Flags
  • Extra Set of Long Hair Probes
  • 4 Wire Splices
  • Neon Test Lamp
  • Receiver Collar Battery
  • Complete Installation and Pet Training Instructions

    Other systems claim to be advanced but, only our All New, High Tech Humane Contain gives you all these features:

  • True Digital Signal:
    Only Humane Contain offers True Digital encoding that eliminates interference from environmental radio noise. Our on board computer monitors your pet’s position and speed of approach toward the boundary and guarantees precise, flawless operation.
  • Ultra Humane:
    Only Humane Contain offers our unique Pulse Modulated Stimulus SystemTM. This unique type of high frequency stimulus delivers an irritating sensation but, cannot cause skin or cellular damage to your cherished pet.
  • True Run-Thru Prevention:
    Our advanced speed detection feature automatically applies the most intense correction level if your dog approaches the boundary at a running pace.
  • Dual Zone Progressive Correction:
    High Tech Pet Products pioneered the field of progressive correction and introduced the first such system in 1992. Since then we have perfected the system like no other. Your pet gets only a mild correction in at the inside of the boundary (Warning Zone) but, a major jolt if he wanders too close to the edge of the boundary (Correction Zone). However, as stated above if your pet approaches the boundary at a running pace, the full correction is applied immediately.
  • Water-Proof Collar:
    Not just “water resistant,” our advanced Humane Contain collar is fully immersable. No need to worry about the collar if your pet decides to take a dip in the lake.
  • 50 Acre Range:
    Simply, the most of any system made. You may add up to 15 extra boundary kits. Works great for small yards too.
  • Ultra Light Collar:
    Weighs less than 2 ounces!
  • For All Pets from 7 to 150 lbs.:
    Advanced Humane Container works for any size pet. The collar is lightweight and the dual zone feature works to train and contain any pet regardless of size or temperament.
  • Battery Drain Protection:
    Most other systems have no way of protecting from premature battery drain if your pet lingers for a long time in the warning zone. Our advanced Humane Contain protects against this event giving you the longest battery life possible.
  • Continuous Pet Monitoring:
    Some systems use “duty cycle” principle to conserve battery life. This means that there are short periods of time when the system is “asleep.” Humane Contain’s advanced electronics does not need to depend on duty cycle to give you the longest battery life. Our system is always on, always working every microsecond of the day.
  • Auto – Safety Shut Off:
    Prevents your pet from over correction in the unlikely event that your pet becomes trapped in the Correction Zone. Correction is applied for 30 seconds then automatically shuts off and resets.
  • Visual Line Break Indicator: A visual indicator at the transmitter constantly tells you if the line is okay and immediately alerts you if there is a break in the cable.
  • Built-in lightning protection:
    While some other systems offer lightening protection as an added cost item, our advanced Humane Contain has built-in lightening protection that protects your system and home from power surges caused by lightening strikes.
  • Omni-Directional Signal:
    Eliminates dead signal areas and protects your pet from finding a sneaky way out.
  • Multiple Collar Operation:
    Add as many collars as you like to contain as many animals as you have. There is no limit to the number of collars our advanced Humane Contain can control.
  • Adjustable Field Width:
    Our advanced Humane Contain is one of the few systems that allows you to control the field width from zero to approximately 25 feet. This is particularly important for small yards or yards with narrow boundary sections.
  • Ultra Precise Early Warning Zone:
    Warns your pet before applying an intense correction making the training and long term containment of your beloved pet the MOST painless and humane possible.
  • Complete Installation Instructions and Training Manual:
    Our Installation and Pet Training Manual gives you step by step instructions to make installing your advanced Humane Contain system quick and easy. Most systems install in just a few hours. The pet training section of our manual has been developed by noted animal trainers and certified behaviorists. Over 90% of our pet owners report that their animals became fully trained within 3 days.
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Wire:
    The wire we provide with your Advanced Humane Contain system is simply the roughest, toughest, heaviest dutiest cable you will find available with any pet containment system anywhere.
  • U.L. Listed
  • Meets & Exceeds all Applicable Government Standards & Regulations,
    When you purchase a High Tech Pet product, you are buying from one of the oldest, most respected US company’s in the field of Pet Electronics and Training. We introduced one of the first pet electronic systems in 1986 and have taken the lead in the development of pet electronic training and containment products ever since. Other companies may copy our advertising but, no one has yet to match the quality and ingenuity of a genuine Humane ContainTM system from High Tech Pet Products.
    This website is the direct factory outlet of High Tech Pet Products, Inc. When you buy a product from this website, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer not a dot com middle man. Thousands and Thousands of dogs agree, Advanced Humane ContainTM is safest for your pet! Don't trust your cherished pet to anything less!