World's Best Hidden Electric Dog Fence

    World's Most Advanced Pet Containment System!

    Humane Contain Pet Containment System is the most effective hidden fence made! It easily rivals the quality of a professionally installed dog containment system like "Invisible Fence." Humane Contain is designed to be the easist to install do-it-yourself system made. It has many advanced features not found on "Invisible Fence" types of professionally installed systems. Plus, ONLY Humane Contain works as part of our Total Pet Control System

    Our full featured HUMANE CONTAIN electronic dog fence keeps your pet contained inside the boundary you define with a buried cable. As your dog approaches the boundary, a warning tone is sounded giving your pet a chance to retreat before shock is administered. Your pet will quickly learn to retreat upon hearing the tone without having to suffer the shock each time it approaches the boundary. Ultra light collar is designed for maximum comfort.

    Compare in price to hidden fence systems costing twice as much. Humane Contain is the most effective, most reliable and most humane system available. You buy direct from us, the manufacturer, and get the benefit of great savings!

    System includes one receiver collar, Transmitter Base Station, 500 feet of cable, 50 Training flags and Complete training instructions.

    PLUS, Humane Contain is the ONLY underground dog fence that also works with our wireless indoor SOUND BARRIER and outdoor YARD BARRIER sonic boundary systems. These are sonic systems designed to keep your pet OUT of restricted areas (Porch, flower bed, kitchen table, bedroom etc.) Order the "Transceiver Collar" option to use this feature now or in the future. SOUND BARRIER and YARD BARRIER receiver modules available below.

    Collar Options:
    Standard Collar
    is our Ultra light collar for stand alone systems.
    Transceiver Collar includes a built in ultrasonic transmitter that operates our Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fence systems and our PowerPet fully automatic pet door. To add the Barrier modules order from accessories below.

    Requires 6 volt battery.

    Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company, Inc. We are not affiliated with this company nor do we wish our electric dog fence to be in any way confused with the products manufactured by Invisible Fence Company, Inc.