Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic Dog Collars for Remote Obedience and Sport Dog Training

Y our Pet Training Specialists! At High Tech Pet we’ve spent decades working with noted Animal Behaviorists, Pet Trainers and Veterinarians to develop the best pet training products on the market today! We utilize Shock, Sonic, and Combined Shock and Sonic for a full offering of Pet Training Products that covers all pet behavior patterns and all pet owner needs. We are constantly developing New Pet Training products and refining our existing line of pet trainers so they’re never outdated.

WHY SONIC? From the days of Pavlov on, it’s been shown that associating sound with behavior is the most effective overall training technique facilitating faster learning and deeper memory retention. Interesting, this is true for humans as well as dogs and cats. Why do you think nearly all TV commercials use a catchy musical jingle. It’s because you are being trained to remember the product through auditory association. This technique works just as well in teaching your pet to sit, stay heel and come on command. And it works extremely well in teaching your pet to avoid areas you set as OFF-LIMITS.

IS SHOCK EVER APPROPRIATE? Yes, for stubborn and dangerous behavior the use of shock stimulus training may be more effective than sound alone. This is why High Tech Pet developed its unique, proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™ system. A more effective and more humane type of shock stimulus used on our Humane Contain™, Radio Mat™, and Bark Terminator™ products. In this case, we still use advanced sound stimulus techniques to reinforce the shock stimulus training resulting in quicker, easier, longer lasting and most importantly, more HUMANE training.