Double Flap Dog Doors

Double Flap Dog Doors give you Double Indemnity against Wind, Rain and Cold Weather.


Give You Twice the Insulation Value

H igh Tech Pet offers you the top of the line, premium weatherproof dog doors. Our dual flap dog doors create an air lock between the flaps to lock in warm air in winter and cool air in summer. We offer the patented Endura flap, made by our friends as Patio Pacific available as a door mount or wall mount dog door. We also offer the Ideal pet "Ruff Weather" dog door available as a door installed doggie door or a wall mount doggie door kit. The "Ruff Weather" is an ideal choice for a double flap doggie door.

But, you can be assured that our affiliated manufactures know how to make a dog door flap better than anyone else on Earth. You won't find pet doors like this made by Petsafe, Johnson, Hale pet door, or Plexidor (Pet Doors USA). Specialty doors like this are also hard to find at Petsmart, Petco, The Home Depot or Lowes. But, you can find them here at the best pricing anywhere.

Our weatherproof dual flap dog doors are available in all sizes from small to extra large. Small doors will accommodate cats and dog as small as 5 lbs.. Our Extra large dog doors are for dogs 100 lbs. and more. Browse through our selection of premium double flap doggy doors and you are sure to find the right size and style that will stand up to extreme weather and keep your home well insulated even in the "Ruffest" snowy, stormy weather.