Advanced Invisible Radio Pet Fence Containment, Dog Training and Pet Doors

    High Tech Pet Products, Inc. is the world leader in the development of innovative electronic pet containment and training products. We offer underground, wireless and indoor pet fences and containment systems, bark control collars, remote training collars, pet doors for dogs and cats and many other pet products. Our mission is to keep your pet safe. We believe in "Safe Pets and Happy People". As the company the others are first to copy we are uniquely qualified to provide you expert advice on the containment and training products that are best for you and your pet.

    Every product we offer is backed by a Full Warranty and a Money Back Guarantee. And every product contains complete instructions on how to better understand your pet as well as how to use the product. We believe in every case, that training is the key. Our training products can effectively and humanely correct unwanted behavior, as well as establish proper behavior.

    Before you know it, you and your pet are speaking the same language