Cautionary Collar Statement

    A small percentage of dogs (we estimate about 1 in 30,000) wearing stimulus collars with probes may experience a skin condition called pressure necrosis, also known as contact dermatitis. This is caused by the pressure of the two probes against the same place on the dog's neck for an extended period of time. This condition may occur with any pet collar that has probes, regardless of the brand of collar. Pressure necrosis may cause an infection, creating irritation and sores which may become serious if left unchecked. We recommend you check your dog’s neck often to ensure that no such condition is evident. If your dog has a history of sensitive skin, eczema, skin allergies or rashes we recommend that you do not use an electronic fence or training collar to contain the animal. If you do observe a skin irritation, take your dog to a veterinarian who may prescribe a local ointment to clear up the condition. Bear in mind that pressure necrosis is not a burn. It is not possible for the shock stimulus emitted by the electronic collar to directly damage your pet’s skin. The electrical current output is simply too low to cause burning, or any other type of cellular, skin or organ damage. If possible, we recommend that you limit your pet's use of the collar to intervals of 12 hours or less with at least a few hours between intervals.

    High Tech Pet Products always has your pet's health, safety and comfort as a high priority. When using a stimulus collar with probes, always remember to use it correctly, according to all manufacturer's instructions and do not use for extended periods of time. When used correctly, most dogs are not adversely affected by stimulus collars with probes.

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