Bluefang 3 in 1 Electronic Fence, Remote Trainer & Bark Control Collar

New, Patent Pending, Bluefang Technology Lets You Train Your Dog Using Your Smart Phone as the Remote. Bark Conrol and Electronic Fence is Included with Many More Features and Functions to Come!


    Biting Edge Technology

    It doesn't happen often in the pet industry and we are proud to introduce a ground-breaking technology that will forever change and improve the way people communicate with their pets. High Tech Pet has created, and applied for a broad range of patents on our revolutionary, new, BLUEFANG® technology, an amazing system that lets you remotely train, control your dog's barking and safely contain your dog, all with the control of your iPhone or Android. Just download the free app, put the Bluefang® collar on your dog and you're ready to go!

    To start, we are introducing three revolutionary new products which will improve the way you communicate with your dog. The BF-16 collar gives you remote dog training and advanced bark control. The BF-22 collar gives you remote training and bark control and it also includes an electronic fence receiver. The BF-22 comes included with our X-22 electronic fence kit. The X-22 gives you everything you need to set up an electronic fence around your yard, including transmitter, 500 ft. of boundary Ultra-Wire, 50 flags, wire splices and related hardware. The X-22 is the world's only 3 in 1 electronic fence, remote dog trainer and bark control collar and it is easily controlled right from your smart phone. The app is free and so are future upgrades which will continue to bring you new, useful features for as long as you own your Bluefang® collar.