Boundary Extention Kit

Model #: BE-500
Reg: $69.95
Today's Sale Price:
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Need more wire? Our BEU-500 Boundary Extension Kit gives you 500 feet of our custom engineered Ultra-Wire, 50 Brightly Colored Flags and 10 waterproof wire connectors. Our new Ultra-Wire is custom engineered by High Tech Pet Products, for one and only one purpose, electronic dog fence boundary wire. It has electrical and mechanical properties optimized for your dog containment application exceeding even 18 gauge wire performance. The wire is solid-core copper designed for optimum electrical impedance. It has an extra thick jacket made of a specially formulated insulation material that is ultra-resistant to ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, rot and corrosion. It's 40% thicker overall and about three times stronger than standard 18 gauge wire, greatly reducing the risk of wire breaks. Whether you have a genuine HUMANE CONTAIN brand electronic dog fence or another brand, this is hands-down the best dog containment fence wire you will find anywhere and it's offered at an amazing Sam's Club ultra-value price!

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