Bark Terminator

    Your Pup Stops Barking in 3 Days
    or Your Money Back!

    We introduced, and have perfected, the science of using progressively increasing stimulus to humanely stop dog barking. The Bark Terminator is simply, the most effective bark control collar you can buy and it's the only one GUARANTEED to stop your dog’s barking faster and more effectively than any other brand of electronic bark control collar made. Compared to more expensive, less effective units, the BARK TERMINATOR is the best bark control value available today.

    The Bark Terminator's unique approach to bark control teaches rather than punishes. You will find that this advanced technique works faster, more completely with the least amount of trauma to your cherished pet.

    BEST BARK CONTROL: Our revolutionary BARK TERMINATOR electronic bark control collar has a built in microprocessor that monitors your dog's barking pattern and automatically increases electronic shock stimulus as barking persists. The Bark Terminator is so effective, we guarantee that your pet will stop barking in 3 days or your money back!

    BEST BARK SENSING: The Bark Terminator does not need an uncomfortable vibration sensor to constantly press against your dog’s throat. Only HIGH TECH brand bark control collars have our unique “SURE SENSE” voice recognition system. A computer chip inside the Bark Terminator monitors the wave patterns of sound received by a microphone. This high tech chip analyzes the sound wave pattern received by the microphone and, much like your ear, is able to tell the difference between a dog bark and stray sounds in the environment. This ensures that only your dog’s bark will set off the unit with virtual 100% accuracy. Because sound pattern and volume are monitored, the sound of other dog’s barking nearby will not trigger the unit.

    WHY THE BARK TERMINATOR WORKS BEST: Mild shock does little to deter a stubborn barker. Intense shock works but, the trauma caused by an intense electronic jolt initially confuses the animal making the pet suffer intensely throughout the process of learning that the shock is caused by the bark. Our revolutionary Bark Terminator uses a technique of gradually increasing shock output starting from a barely noticeable stimulus through twenty-four levels progressing, as necessary, to a seriously attention getting jolt. This technique works faster, more effectively and more humanely than conventional electronic dog barking collars because your pet is given a chance to think about what is happening instead of instantly being traumatized by an intense shock. Once your pet learns that it is the bark that is causing the shock, he needn't be intensely punished every time he forgets. The mild stimulus generated at the first bark will remind your pet what is to come if he persists in barking. This is usually enough to end the barking pattern before the more intense stimulus levels are administered.