Sonic Mat Trains Dogs and Cats to Scat!

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Sofa Scram ™
Sonic Mat Trains Dogs and Cats to Scat!

The Sofa Scram™ is a product that was developed as much by our customers as by us. Back in the 1990s we began getting countless requests from consumers for a "SCAT MAT" type of device that didn't use shock. After all, being the leaders in sonic pet training, our customers expected that we should have such a device, and we agreed.

In creating the product, the behavioral science was pretty easy. Just blast the pet with enough irritating sound to make the floor a bit more appealing than the couch. The mechanical design was the challange. We needed a clever idea to create a soft, paw activated pad. Of course, our ingenious engineers (as they constantly remind us) were happy to oblige. They created a flexible, pressure sensitive material that acts as a continuous switch, controlling the same speaker we use on our Sound Barrier™ and Yard Barrier™ products. Our designers covered the device with mountaineering grade pack cloth to create a beautiful, rugged and absolutely annoying pet scram mat.

Instantly activated by the touch of a paw, the battery operated Sofa Scram™ emits startling 85 decibel beeps that get pets off the furniture fast! This item has been a best seller for the past fifteen years! Pet owners love the Sofa Scram ™ because it works quickly and effectively without applying shock or pain to your pet. Compare to "Scat Mat" type items selling for as much as $80.00. The Sofa Scram ™ works just as effectively, just as quickly, does not hurt your pet and it sells for about half the price!


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