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We've put together the ideal variety of doggie doors, cat doors, patio pet doors, pet screen doors, magnetic pet doors, electronic pet doors and automatic pet doors. In addition to specialty products such as window sash doors, dual pane sliding glass patio door inserts and dual flap doors for extreme ruff weather.

There are countless other sites that offer products made by everyone and his dog. High Tech Pet Store is different. We've made sure we have a product to meet every conceivable need made either by our company or manufactured to our exact specifications by the highest quality dog door makers in the world. But, we've purposely excluded the products that have received the highest number of failures and customer complaints. Note that we do not carry Johnson pet doors, Petsafe pet doors, Plexidor, Hale pet doors, Staywell pet doors or Solo automatic pet doors as we have carefully evaluated these brands and found them to be below the standard of excellence our exceedingly discriminating customers expect. We have included products made by our friends at Patio Pacific, Dog Walk and Ideal Pet doors. These products are of superlative quality coupled with a long track record of customer performance. We are proud to offer them under our own High Tech Pet Products label along with the extremely high quality products we manufacture. We invite you to shop and compare quality and features. We guarantee that you will find the best values by far in the very wide selection which we are pleased to present to you below.

Your Quality Pet Deserves A Quality Pet Product!
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