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High Tech Pet Products, Inc. is one of the oldest manufacturers of electronic pet products. Our company was founded in 1986 by a group of creative engineers who derive a great deal of enjoyment from developing the most imaginative, innovative and useful pet products on the planet. We manufacture a complete line of electronic pet items to solve your toughest pet peeves.

Although we have experienced phenomenal growth in the last decade we still maintain our company headquarters in the small, very beautiful coastal town of Ventura, California, located about sixty miles north of Los Angeles. This is where we design, engineer, market, test and warehouse our products and it is also the control center for and this online web store. We plan to be here for a very long time. After all, we grew up here. A strong sense of community involvement makes us one of the best local companies producing the very best products of their kind in the world.

All our products are designed and engineered here in the United States. Like many US companies, most of our products are manufactured in mainland China. But, unlike any other company in this business, we actually own and operate our own Chinese production facility. It is located in the modern, industrial city of Dongguan. Since this is our own factory, we are able to maintain the highest production quality while achieving outstanding cost advantages with no trading company mark up.

Our factory is clean, cool, well lit and possesses the most modern production and test equipment made. There are no children working in our factory which maintains a very strict lower age limit of eighteen. We have operated this facility for over ten years. In that time we have seen a remarkable change in the country of China and in the quality of life of the Chinese people. Most of our factory workers are from small, poorer villages. Working for factories like ours in the city gives them opportunity and hope and allows them to gradually improve the quality of life and economic condition of their families. We feel this is good for China as it is clearly allowing their people to emerge from third world poverty into a modern, more comfortable lifestyle. Twenty years ago, this was almost unthinkable. It is good for the United States because it keeps the prices of our goods affordable and it is good for a peaceful world to allow our economies to grow together and reinforce each other. Our products are shipped monthly in large containers to the US. We warehouse everything here in Ventura so, we are usually able to ship to you within one business day.

At High Tech Pet, we never forget that it is our customers (and their human companions) that we really work for. We will always go to whatever lengths are necessary to make our company the best of its kind from which to purchase. We are committed to disproving the conventional wisdom that to get an advanced, high quality product you simply have to pay more. That sometimes makes our competition upset. They say it simply isnít fair that we make the best products and then turn around and sell them at the lowest prices!