Window Mount Pet Doors

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Window Mounted Pet Doors

Take the "Pane" Out of Letting the Pet Out

E ver notice how much dogs and cats love windows? Your pets will love it even more when their favorite window is also a door. High Tech Pet Products, is especially proud of our Window Mount Pet Doors, designed for installation in any double hung or sliding window. These glass window inserts include a built in pet door and pop right into the window sash for a perfect fit. Installation is quick and easy. All our window sash pet doors are designed for weather resistance, and a smart, stylish appearance. A superior quality window mount pet door makes a great addition to your home without having to sacrifice style and beauty. We carry window mount pet doors made by Patio Pacific whose quality window installed pet doors are, in our opinion, far superior to those made by Petsafe, Hale, Plexidor and others. The Patio Pacific window mounted pet doors come with the patented Endura flap. This ingenious, extra durable pet door flap provides excellent insulation even in harsh and extreme stormy weather.

With all our choices, it won't be hard to find one of these attractive doors that fits your needs and your budget. We invite you to inspect our line of professionally engineered dog and cat doors for windows. You will find them all here at the best values anywhere!