Model UG-350A Deluxe Electronic Dog Containment System -


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Model #: HC-350
Reg: $199.95
NOTE: This item has been discontinued in favor of our newer models. Take a look at our HC-7000B, HC-8000, HC-8001 and our amazing new X-10 systems.

The Pet Containment system guaranteed to work Best!

Our NEW, Humane Contain pet containment system is the Most Effective, Most Reliable, Most Humane hidden fence made! Includes advanced features found only on systems costing hundreds more.

The Best Value of Any Pet Containment Fence, Anywhere!
Our full featured HUMANE CONTAIN electronic dog fence keeps your pet contained inside the boundary you define with a buried cable. Our special Pulse Modulated Stimulus system delivers a special high frequency pulse that delivers an extremely irritating stimulus but, causes zero cellular damage. As your dog approaches the boundary, a warning tone is sounded and very mild stimulus is applied, giving your pet a chance to retreat before painful shock is administered. Your pet will quickly learn to retreat upon hearing the tone without having to suffer the shock each time it approaches the boundary. Our true digital circuitry guarantees absolutely no false triggers. Only the UG-350 transmitter can activate our unique digital receiver collar. (Regardless of advertising, systems that use analog "filtered" signals experience some false shocks from environmental radio noise.) Humane contain also features an Auto Safety Shut-Off. If your pet gets trapped in the correction zone, the receiver automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. Our NEW RC-3 Ultra-Light collar is designed for maximum comfort.


  • Ultra Light Pet Receiver Collar
  • Dual Zone Digital Transmitter
  • 500 Feet of Extra Heavy Duty, Rough Weather Cable
  • 50 Boundary Flags
  • 4 Wire Splices
  • Neon Test Lamp
  • Receiver Collar Battery
  • Complete Installation and Pet Training Instructions

    Thousands and Thousands of dogs agree, Advanced Humane ContainTM is safest for your pet! Don't trust your cherished pet to anything less!

    ADD A RADIO MAT OPTION:Your HC-7000A system my be used with our innovative RADIO MAT Scat Pad. Place the pad on the couch, bed, near trash cans, in front of doorways, anywhere that's OFF LIMITS to your pet. When your pet steps on the pad, it emits a radio signal that triggers the stimulus on the containment system receiver collar quickly teaching your pet to SCAT! Select the number of RADIO MAT pads you would like to add using the ADD A RADIO MAT OPTION when ordering below.