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    What is the Merchant Rating System?
    The Star System
    Yahoo! Shopping takes merchant ratings very seriously. Below is the star system used to rank Yahoo! Shopping merchants. Merchants with a rating of less than two stars are removed from Yahoo! Shopping.

    Top Service Excellent / Top Service The Five Star Top Service icon next to a store's name is a sign of superlative quality. It means that the store is participating in our Merchant Rating System, and that customers who have ordered from that store have given it the highest ratings.
    4.0 Stars Very Good
    3.0 stars Good
    2.0 stars Fair
    1.0 Star Poor

    How are merchants rated?
    The Merchant Rating System is an integral part of Yahoo!'s program to guarantee a positive, high-quality online shopping experience. The rating system gathers feedback from shoppers about Yahoo! Shopping merchants and then uses the feedback to determine an overall rating for that merchant. The system is weighted so that what counts is the majority of the merchants ratings. If most customers rate the store positively, the ratings will reflect this. The overall rating is displayed next to the store name whenever it appears in the Yahoo! Shopping pages.

    Use merchant ratings to make more informed purchasing decisions. And, after you place an order, contribute your feedback by filling out a merchant evaluation form.

    In the old rating system, merchants who offered excellent customer service were awarded a Top Service icon (Top Service). In the new system, all merchants will be awarded stars to denote the level of customer service they offer. A rating of five stars is the equivalent of the old Top Service rating.

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