Model #: PD-3
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  • Kills Odors Quickly and Completely
  • Use for Many Different Purposes
  • Great for People With Allergies
  • Economical 3-Pack


Remove Odors Electronically

New Pet Odor Zapper 3 Pack

hat if you could completely remove pet odors, smoke, dust, pollen, even dangerous bacteria and viruses just by plugging a gadget into the wall? Our new ELECTRONIC PET DEODORIZER does just that. Plug it into any wall outlet and the PET DEODORIZER goes right to work generating millions of high energy, negative ions that clean and freshen the air.

How It Works: Odor particles are suspended in the air by electrostatic charges. The PET DEODORIZER'S safe, yet powerful stream of negative ions attacks particle borne odors and germs, neutralizing their charges and causing them to precipitate right out of the atmosphere. This is the same technology used in industrial smokestacks to eliminate harmful pollutants. Now, you can use this powerful air cleaning technology in your own home. The PET DEODORIZER doesn't just perfume the air. It attacks and neutralizes odors. Even urine odor and other strong odors are neutralized and eliminated without any effort at all! Great for use around kitty litter boxes, pet beds, or anywhere else pet odor lingers.

The High Tech Pet Deodorizer Has Many Other Great Uses

Kills unpleasant bathroom odor

Kitchens: Removes onion, garlic and other strong food odors.

Nursery: Zaps away diaper odor and protects your baby by airborne germs, bacteria and viruses.

Allergies: An absolute must for people with allergies to pet dander, pollen and smoke. You’ll be amazed how much easier you’ll breath when you let the Electronic Pet Deodorizer scrub and purify the air in your home.



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