High Tech Pet introduced the first sonic bark control collar way back in 1992. Since then we have refined and developed the science of bark control using audible and shock stimuli. While many of our innovations have been copied by other manufactures, our current line of advanced bark control collars gives you a host of advanced, unique and proprietary features you won't find anywhere else. In fact our electronic anti dog barking collars are so effective we guarantee

Your Dog Stops Barking in 3 Days or Your Money Back!

Sonic Bark Collars

Our sonic Hush Puppy TM and Super Hush Puppy TM anti bark collars use painless tones to stop dog barking.

HOW SONIC BARK COLLARS WORK: Our sonic bark collars emit an audible tone in direct response to your dog's bark. The tone is audible to humans because, surprisingly, most dogs DO NOT hear all that well in the ultrasonic frequencies. We sometimes describe the training process as something like the Chinese water torture. by that we mean that the stimulus is at first totally innocuous. Your dog will barely notice it. However, after a day or so, he will start to notice that there is this mildly irritating sound each time he barks. As time passes he will come to dislike the tone more and more until he reaches a point where he will do anything, even refrain from barking, not to hear it any longer. Our Hush Puppy TM collar uses a simple, continuous tone that triggers with each bark. Our Super Hush Puppy TM works faster by increasing the sound level with each successive bark, quickly teaching your dog that it is his barking that is triggering the tone.

ARE HIGH TECH PET'S SONIC BARK CONTROL COLLARS EFFECTIVE? You bet they are! In clinical studies we produced an effectiveness of over 85%, meaning that more than 85% of dog owners that used our sonic bark control collars reported that their dog had completely stopped nuisance barking or reduced barking to an acceptable level.

HOW EFFECTIVE ARE SONIC BARK COLLARS COMPARED TO SHOCK COLLARS? In terms of the final result, they are about the same. But, shock collars will work faster.

Shock Collars

High Tech Pet's Bark Terminator ® and Bluefang ® Series collars will stop dog barking faster and more humanely than any other bark control collar. We invented the use of progressively increasing sound and shock stimulus to quickly and humanely stop your dog's nuisance barking.

HOW HIGH TECH PET'S HUMANE SHOCK COLLARS WORK? At the first bark, your dog gets an audible warning tone. If barking continues a mild stimulus plus an audible tone. If your dog persists in barking, the intensity of the shock and tone are increased. Use of the increasing tone stimulus enhances your dog's perception of the shock allowing the no bark training process to work even more quickly. This simple technique proven to stop barking quickly with little stress to your dog. Once your dog knows that stronger stimulus will come, a simple tone or mild stimulus is usually all it takes to remind him to that silence is golden. Our collars have built in safety shut offs to prevent over stimulation.

Bluefang ® collars are multi-function collars, controlled by your smart phone that use the same super effective progressive sound and stimulus technology as our Bark Terminator ® 3 collar. Bluefang ® collars also include remote dog training and electronic fence capability making them the most versatile and effective dog training known to man (or should we say, known to dog?).

We make a complete range of bark collars to suit every dog's need.

Hush Puppy TM: Simple sonic bark control collar
Super Hush Puppy TM Model HP-1: Progressive Sonic Collar
Bark Terminator ® Model BT-1: Progressive Shock (no sound)
Bark Terminator ® 3 Model BT-3: Progressive Sound plus Progressive Shock
Bluefang ®Model BF-16: Progressive Sound plus Shock with Remote Training, Controlled by Your Smart Phone
Bluefang ® Model BF-22: Progressive Sound plus Shock with Remote Training and Electronic Fence Containment, Controlled by Your Smart Phone.

Each model is designed with state of the art, microprocessor controlled, circuitry that is extensively tested to prove its effectiveness and to insure that it is simply the best bark control collar of its kind on the planet!

Monitor your dog's barking with an amazing bark control collar