Our NEW HC-7000 is also packed with loads of other innovative and useful features..
  • Progressive Tone Stimulus: Boundary training is enhanced by a progressive audible stimulus that increases along with our exclusive Pulsed ProportionalTM shock stimulus. The accompanying audio stimulus reinforces the shock stimulus resulting in even quicker, easier training, another exclusive feature only found on our HC-7000 Super System.
  • Round the Clock Battery Back-up: Prevents your pet from escaping in the case of a power failure.
  • Power Boost Switch: Allows owners of smaller yards to extend the usable field width and owners of very large yards to increase the overall boundary length to well over one mile!
  • 100 Acre Range: No other system even comes close to this range. Of course the HC-7000 works equally well on yards as small as 1/8 of an acre.
  • Variable Field Width Control: Allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.
  • Audible and Visual Cable Break Indicators Should your buried cable ever break, a loud sonic alarm will sound accompanied by a bright flashing LED lamp.
  • Receiver Collar Battery Indicator: Our advanced collar tells you the status of the battery. Its on-board test button and LED indicator let you know if the battery is good or needs to be changed or recharged.
  • Available Rechargeable Model: Rechargeable model gives you a receiver collar with long a life rechargeable lithium ion battery. (Order Model HC-7000R below)
  • Built-in Charging Station: Conveniently located in the base station transmitter. (Model HC-7000R only)
  • SLIMLINETM Ultra-comfort Collar: Our Super Small, Super Light-weight collar weighs less than 2 ounces, comfortable on dogs as small as 7 lbs. Effective on dogs up to 150 lbs.
  • Water-Resistant Collar: our advanced Humane Contain collar is fully resistant to rain, snow and wet weather conditions.
  • Digitally Encrypted Signal: Gives precise field control and absolutely eliminates false triggering.
  • SPEED DETECT TM Run-Thru Prevention: Many systems claim to have "run-through prevention". In all cases this simply refers to a system that has two stimulus zones, nothing more. However, in addition to our dual zone stimulus, our advanced speed detection feature immediately applies the most intense correction level if your dog approaches the boundary at a running pace. This is True run-through prevention
  • Continuous Pet Monitoring: Some systems use “duty cycle” principle to conserve battery life. This means that there are short periods of time when the system is “asleep.” Humane Contain’s advanced electronics does not need to depend on duty cycle to give you the longest battery life. Our system is always on, always working every microsecond of the day.
  • Auto – Safety Shut Off: Prevents your pet from over correction in the unlikely event that your pet becomes trapped in the Correction Zone. Correction is applied for 30 seconds then automatically shuts off and resets.
  • Built-in lightning protection: While some other systems offer lightening protection as an added cost item, our advanced Humane Contain has built-in lightening protection that protects your system and home from power surges caused by lightening strikes.
  • Omni-Directional Signal: Eliminates dead signal areas and protects your pet from finding a sneaky way out.
  • Multiple Collar Operation: Add as many collars as you like to contain as many animals as you have. There is no limit to the number of collars our advanced Humane Contain can control.
  • Complete Installation Instructions and Training Manual: Our Installation and Pet Training Manual gives you step by step instructions to make installing your advanced Humane Contain system quick and easy. Most systems install in just a few hours. The pet training section of our manual has been developed by noted animal trainers and certified behaviorists. Over 90% of our pet owners report that their animals became fully trained within 3 days.
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Wire: Our heavy gauge, outdoor rated wire is simply the roughest, toughest, heaviest dutiest cable you will find available with any pet containment system.
  • U.L. Listed
  • Meets & Exceeds all Applicable Government Standards & Regulations
  • FCC Approval No. QP4HC-5000