Endura Quick Panel III

Model #: 01PPCS
Reg: $423.75
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  • Requires no tools for installation
  • Sturdy metal framing
  • Locking pet flap cover
  • Combines heavy duty single-pane glass with Award Winning Endura Flap™
  • Energy efficient
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Superior warranty: 10 years with 15 years on the flap
Endura Quick Panel III
Endura Quick Panel III
Endura Quick Panel III
Endura Quick Panel III
Endura Quick Panel III
Endura Quick Panel III


Quick Panel III

The award winning Endura Flap™ Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors - Quick Panel III™ - is identical to the Thermo Panel IIIe™ except for the use of heavy duty single pane glass instead of dual pane, low "e" glass. It is appropriate for more temperate climates or where a lighter weight panel is desired.

Built for Pet Comfort: Patented comfort feature called "stepover" is available on our entire line of Endura pet doors. The exclusive user adjustable step-over will match pet door height to pet height after purchase. Built-in Anti Whoops in case your measurements are slightly off.

Step-over is the height of the flap above the base of the pet door.We suggest that 'flap height' + 'step-over' should about equal pet shoulder height. Unlike any other panel pet door on the market, the Quick Panel III can be adjusted by the user to the step-over dimensions shown, in 2" increments.

Step-Over is very important to the comfort of your pet. A higher step-over gets the flap up higher for a taller dog which avoids him having to stoop to get through. On the other hand, a lower step-over is less to 'step over'. In the past, a consumer that wanted a different step-over for any reason had to buy another patio pet door. If you misjudged and got a door with too tall a step-over you were in trouble. Likewise, if you replaced a short pet with a tall pet or vice-versa, you had a problem. The adjustable step-over concept greatly increases your flexibility with the pet door. By simply removing the bottom flap assembly and cross pieces with a Phillips head screwdriver, you can rearrange the order of the cross pieces to get the step-over higher or lower.

Endura Flaps™ are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Adult cats have been successful using the Small #06 and Medium #08 . We would not recommend using the Large #10 or Extra Large #12 for cats.

Please Note: Air shipping is not available for this product. Please allow up to 10 business days for fulfillment of shipment.



Sz Dimensions Stepover  Price Color Model #
Flap Sz Panel Width Range Height
Sm 6" x 11"11-1/4" 3" - 5" 74-3/4" - 77-3/4" $ 394.00 White 01PPC06S-PW
Bronze 01PPC06S-PB
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC06S-PA
77-1/4" - 80-1/4" $ 394.00 White 01PPC06S-QW
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC06S-QA
93-1/4" - 96-1/4" $ 464.00 White 01PPC06SS-RW
Bronze 01PPC06S-RB
Med 8" x 15" 13-1/4"3" - 7" 74-3/4" - 77-3/4" $ 424.00 White01PPC08S-PW
Bronze 01PPC08S-PB
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC08S-PA<
77-1/4" - 80-1/4" $ 424.00 White 01PPC08S-QW
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC08S-QA
93-1/4" - 96-1/4" $ 534.00 White 01PPC08S-RW
Bronze 01PPC08S-RB
Lg 10" x 19" 15-1/4"3" - 9" 74-3/4" - 77-3/4" $ 454.00 White01PPC10S-PW
Bronze 01PPC10S-PB
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC10S-PA
77-1/4" - 80-1/4" $ 454.00 White 01PPC10S-QW
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC10S-QA
93-1/4" - 96-1/4" $ 564.00 White 01PPC10S-RW
Bronze 01PPC10S-RB
XLg 12" x 23" 17-1/4"3" - 11" 74-3/4" - 77-3/4" $ 514.00 White 01PPC12S-PW
Bronze 01PPC12S-PB
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC12S-PA
77-1/4" - 80-1/4" $ 514.00 White 01PPC12S-QW
Brushed-Alum. 01PPC12S-QA
93-1/4" - 96-1/4" $ 644.00 White 01PPC12S-RW
Bronze 01PPC12S-RB