Electric Dog Fence

    If you’ve read an electric dog fence review lately you will certainly have found that our Humane Contain™ Do-It-Yourself electric dog fence installation is the preferred brand for an above ground electric dog fence while our Yard Barrier™ wireless dog fence lets you keep Fido at bay without the buried wire required for an in-ground or underground dog fence. Our Sound Barrier™ indoor wireless electric dog fence inside your home to keep dogs and cats out of “Off Limits” without wires. The experts agree in countless reviews that whether you are looking for an above ground wireless fence or a underground wire electric fence installation, the best electric dog fence is made by High Tech Pet. Our Humane Contain™ brand electric dog fences feature a very small electronic dog collar which is not just ultrasmart it’s ultra effective and ultra HUMANE. Humane Contain electronic dog collars are very different from other dog shock collars. Humane contain dog containment training collars feature our unique Pulsed Proportional stimulus™, a proprietary technology that applies sound and shock training stimuli in short bursts that increase automatically as your dog approaches the boundary line. This amazing new dog training technology actually lets your dog decide how much sound and shock stimulus is required to make him retreat. No programming, no levels, no zones. Humane contain dog collars are fully automatic and apply exactly the right amount of shock to train your dog. Not too much, not too little. That’s what sets the Humane Contain™ brand apart from the many other makes an models of electronic dog containment systems

    Do not confuse Humane Contain electric dog fences with those made by Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Innotek®, SportDog®, Dogtra®, Tritronics® or Perimeter Technologies®. We do not make, sell or endorse those pet fences. Only Humane Contain brand underground dog fences and wireless dog fences are made by High Tech Pet Products, Inc.. And if it’s a Humane Contain, it’s the best electric fence for your dogs.

    Don’t forget we also make the best dog training collars and anti dog bark collars to be found anywhere.