Breed: Dashound
Age: 2 1/2 Years
Residence: Sparta, MI
Person Coco Owns: Jean
Krystle's Story about Coco: [Coco and her Pal, Peanut,] look out the door to check the weather out befor going out. And they run around the house in and out the door like little kids. Sometimes I catch them laying in the door way waiting for me to get home so they don't have to get wet if it's cold and rainy.
High Tech Pet Product Coco Owns: PX-2 Power Pet Door
How Has the Product Helped?: No more haveing to get up at night. And I have five grand kids, plus run day care and they help me keep and eye on them by coming to get me if someone gets hurt or cry's. This makes it very nice when I'm in the midle of feeding the baby. It also has helped cut down on the gas bill. It is a wounderfull thing!