BLUEFANG® Techonolgy
Connects You With Your Pets.

We are Forever Changing and Improving the Way People Communicate with their Pets!


The World's First Bluetooth Dog Training Collar!

BLUEFANG® Technology Lets You Train Your Dog Using Your Smart Phone as the Remote

When we set out to develop a smart phone dog training collar we started with our usual intent of creating the best product of its kind. We didn't really set out to change the world. It now appears that is exactly what we did. Our new, ground-breaking Bluefang ® technology lets you train, contain and control your dog's barking, with the convenience of your smart phone. And… Bluefang® technology has the capability to do much, much more, fundamentally changing and improving the way we communicate and interact with our pets.

Our patent pending Bluefang ® is the only technology that provides real-time, two way communication between you and your pet, allowing you to send behavioral commands, change collar settings and controls while using the full instrumentation in the collar to monitor your dog's activity, whereabouts and vital signs.

Bluefang ® starts out as the world's best Remote Dog Training, Bark Control and Electronic Fence collar with the ability to accept future app upgrades that will allow you to monitor your dog's fitness level and even provide real-time fitness training, showing you exactly how long and fast to run with your dog to get him safely into top physical, healthy condition. Future apps will monitor your condition as well showing your how to best run, bike and exercise right along with your dog. And that is just one example of what you will be able to do with your Bluefang ® Bluetooth dog collar. There are hundreds of more apps in the works that will make use of the advanced instrumentation that is already build into your Bluefang ® collar.

We usually think of Bluetooth as a short range wireless technology that connects devices, like headphones and iPods, within a few inches or feet of each other. High Tech Pet's new Bluefang ® technology uses the Bluetooth capabilities of your smart phone to communicate with your dog's electronic collar over a distance of more than 400 feet! That's longer than any other Bluetooth device. You just download the app and use it to send commands and collect data from your dog's Bluefang ® collar. To do this, we developed a custom communication protocol where the smart phone sends a command and waits for an acknowledgement from the collar. The collar sends back a message acknowledging that the command was received and successfully executed. We then loaded the collar with hardware useful in the training and monitoring of your dog, including a voice quality speaker that can play tones, voice or even music, a microphone that can detect your dog's barking, breathing or heartbeat, a six axis accelerometer that can measure your dog's speed and direction a temperature sensor and several other useful devices all packed into a remarkably small, lightweight collar. (Something our engineers have gotten particularly good at.) What do we do with all this collar hardware? Whatever we want. That's the beauty of Bluefang® technology. We can use our smart phone app and communication protocol to configure the hardware to perform an unlimited number of tasks. As the app software changes with additional features and functions you can download the app updates always keeping your collar up to date with the newest capabilities.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, we didn't stop there. Bluefang ® also has the capability to send more complex data streams from the phone to collar and back. The collar can collect data such as the number of times your dog has barked and the number of times he has challenged the invisible boundary of your electronic fence. The possibilities of this technology are tremendous and far reaching. We've filed a series of U.S. and international patent applications covering a wide range of novel technical innovations and applications including real-time animal health and fitness monitoring, tracking, training, containment, remote activation of animal controlled device and global communication between people and pets.

We are excited to let you know that we have just released our first product line based on what we now call BLUEFANG® Technology. Products include our model BF-16 Remote Training plus Bark Control Collar and our model X-22 combination Containment, Training and Bark Control system. The X-22 includes the BF-22 collar with Bluefang ® technology integrated with our existing advanced electronic fence technology. In addition to our new Bluefang communication technology, we've built in to these amazing collars, all of our proprietary electronic pet care technology. This includes our exclusive COMMAND-TONE-STIMULUSTM training system our Pulsed Proportional StimulusTM electronic fence technology, Our progressive stimulus bark control technology and our exclusive bark sensing technology that distinguishes between nuisance barking and alarm barking. And that's just what you can see. There is also a great deal of unique advanced technology and engineering technique that you can't see that makes our electronic pet training products work flawlessly.

These wonderful new products are designed to offer you convenient and powerful new tools in the care and protection of your pets. We are confident that they will fundamentally change the way you connect with your pets, resulting in a closer bond and happier life you and your cherished pets.

…And this is just the beginning!