BLUEFANG ® Model BF-30


Model #: BF-30
Reg: $199.99
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Include Extra Collar Batteries: 
         Multi Command Tones
         Built-in Clicker
         Static Stimulus
         Step by Step In-App Training Videos
         400 ft. Max Training Range

         Progressive Stimulus
         Anti-Intruder and Anti-Howl Modes
         Tone Only, Stimulus Only and Tone Plus Stimulus Modes
         Records and Displays Your Dog's Barking Activity
         Works with Any High Tech Pet Electronic Fence System
         Proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System
         Records and Displays your Dog's Boundary Challenges
         Records and Displays:
              Minutes of Activity
              Activity Level
              Calories Burned

              Awards "Bluefang Points" as Your Dog Gets Exercise
              Tracks Dog and Owner Running Performance
         Also, Operates Sonic Fences and Super Scram Scat Pad
BF-30 5 Bluefang 5 in 1 SUPER COLLAR - (DISCONTINUED) - Click to enlarge

Bluefang Training App and Collar
Train Any Behavior in 3 Simple Steps

High Tech Pet announces one our most significant innovations in electronic pet care, our New, Improved BF-30 SUPER COLLAR. This amazing collar is really 5 COLLARS IN ONE. The collar gives you remote training using your iPhone or Android as the remote with a range of up to 400 feet. Bark Control is built into the collar with several useful operating modes and stimulus outputs. An on-board accelerometer records your dog’s motion and sends data to your phone showing you minutes of activity and calories burned. There is a built-in electronic fence receiver that works with any High Tech Pet electronic fence system our unique Super Scram Mat and an ultrasonic transmitter that operates our Power Pet doors and Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences. All this is controlled by your iPhone or Android using our “Biting Edge” BLUEFANG (Bluetooth for dogs) technology. In addition to the many unique features, only BLUEFANG technology brings you instant, wireless firmware updates that will continually add new improvements and functions to your collar’s hardware. Our proprietary Bluefang Technology has just been awarded, not one, but FIVE U.S. PATENTS! There is nothing else like it on the market.

GREAT TECHNOLOGY AT A VALUE PRICE: Even if you don’t Immediately need all the BF-30’s advanced features, you will find that this amazing collar is priced competitively with collars that perform only one or two of its functions.

The BF-30 works as a powerful remote dog trainer that uses SOUND, STATIC, VIBRATION and new CLICKER TRAINING making it the most comprehensive training collar made. Your cell phone acts as the remote with a training range of up to 400 feet. The BF-30 gives you an effective training process developed by leading animal behaviorists and trainers. Select one of 6 tones associated with specific commands you define. Play the tone and say the command. Then manipulate your dog to perform the command. For example for “Sit”, Pull up on your dog’s lead while stepping forward. Your dog will instinctively move to a sitting position. Then activate the clicker while praising your dog and giving a treat.

The use of audible tones along with verbal commands anchors the behavior to the command in your dog’s memory. Activating the click as you give praise and reward will cause your dog to associate good feelings with the desired behavior. It also gives a clear signal that your dog that it has done a “good” thing.

Remote Dog Training using Stimulus, Tone and Click system

Vibration and Static functions are provided to deter unwanted behavior. These are tactile st)imuli that communicate the “NO” command. If your dog is performing a “bad” behavior like digging, jumping, chewing, etc., use the vibration along with a verbal “No!”. Then redirect your dog by giving a positive command such as “Sit” or “Heel”. If the undesired behavior persists, the vibration may be followed by a mild static stimulus. Sliders on the app training screen give you full stimulus control with 99 levels of correction. In addition to stimulus intensity Bluefang is the only training collar that lets you adjust the stimulus duration (the amount of time the stimulus is applied. Sliders move along a color scale from green (mild) to red (intense). Keeping the sliders in the green zone will provide static stimulus that your dog will feel but, will not be painful. This is the normal training zone. For cases where your dog is particularly stubborn or to deter aggressive or dangerous behavior, you may apply stronger corrective stimulus.

Correcting dog behavior with vibration and static stimulus

Bluefang dog bark collar The BF-30 gives you the most advanced and effective bark control available. The collar uses progressive stimulus that starts out mild and increases as barking persists. You can choose from 3 Anti-barking modes. “STOP ALL BARKING” precisely detects your dog’s bark, rejecting non-bark noise in the environment, and applies progressively increasing stimulus in direct response. “ALLOW INTRUDER BARKING” is a mode that identifies and allows the more urgent intruder and alarm barking. “STOP ALL BARKING AND HOWLING” detects howling and applies stimulus to howling in addition to barking.

The BF-30 has a built in electronic fence receiver that works with any High Tech Pet electronic fence transmitter. It features High Tech Pet’s unique PULSED PROPORTIONAL STIMULUS system that automatically increases stimulus as your dog moves toward the boundary wire letting your dog decide how much stimulus is enough to keep him safely contained in your yard. Use the BF-30 with any existing electronic fence system or purchase the X-30 which is a complete electronic fence kit that includes a BF-30 collar. The BF-30 also works with High Tech Pet’s SUPER SCRAM MAT. Place the mat on your couch, in front of doorways, trash cans or anywhere else you what to make off limits. At the touch of a paw the mat will transmit a corrective signal to the collar triggering static stimulus.

electronic-pet-door-remote The BF-30 has a built-in ultrasonic transmitter to operate any High Tech Pet POWER PET door. When this feature is turned on, the collar will open our amazing POWER PET® fully automatic dog door when your dog approaches it. This feature also operates High Tech Pet’s SOUND BARRIER and YARD BARRIER portable sonic fences. These indoor and outdoor devices emit a loud sonic blast to keep your dog away from off limits areas. The BF-30 Super Collar is also responsive to our Super Scram™ mat. The Super Scram emits a loud sonic blast at the touch of a paw. You can also enable the collar to emit stimulus when your dog touches the mat, keeping him off furniture, away from trash cans and other areas you designate as OFF LIMITS TO DOGS!

DOGGIE BMI CALCULATOR: The Bluefang app includes a BMI calculator to determine your dog’s overall fitness level. Input your dog’s breed, gender, weight and height and the BMI CALCULATOR will tell you your dog’s fitness level and healthy range for BMI and Weight. Use this information to easily develop a diet and exercise program for your dog using the Bluefang ACTIVITY MONITOR.

ACTIVITY MONITOR: The Bluefang collars have a built-in accelerometer that tracks your dog’s motion. High Tech Pet has developed a unique and proprietary algorithm that converts the accelerometer data to display Calories Burned and Minutes of Activity for each of 5 activity levels, Rest, Mild, Moderate, Active and Intense. The system works in real time with wireless updates every minute. The Bluefang activity monitor is the only one made that lets you take your dog out for a walk or run and track calories burned in real time. The app keeps a record of activity that you may display by hour, day, week, month or year. If the BMI calculator indicates that your dog needs to lose a few pounds, simply track your dog’s normal activity for a week or so and set a goal to increase the activity while maintaining or reducing your dietary calorie intake. Using the Bluefang system, you will have your pooch in top-dog shape in no time!

The BF-30’s advanced Bluetooth technology allows you to control and store data for an unlimited number of collars. The MANAGE DEVICES screen shows you the collars that are in range of your phone. It also allows you to review the data of collars that have been previously connected but are not in range. There is no manual pairing required. Switching between collars is quick and seamless.

The BF-30 app lets you set up a custom profile for each collar. This includes Dog Name, Stimulus Intensity and Duration, Bark Control, Electronic Fence and Power Pet Door settings. The custom settings are automatically loaded whenever you select the collar.

Bluefang auto dog collar firmware
One of the most unique and useful features of our Bluefang technology is the ability to retrieve new collar firmware and download it to your collar. This is not the same as just upgrading the app. Firmware is the software inside the collar itself that controls its inputs and outputs. Every time the Bluefang app connects to your collar, it checks to see that the collar has the latest firmware. If not, the app grabs the new firmware from the internet and sends it to your collar. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes. This insures that you get the newest features and upgrades as they become available. It’s like getting a new collar with every update!

No other electronic dog collar gives you all the features and functions of our new Bluefang BF-30. You get the best remote trainer, the best bark control collar, the best electronic fence and the best fitness monitor, all in a single, waterproof collar that also controls the Power Pet door, Sonic Barriers and Super Scram Mat with updatable firmware to keep your collar up to date with the latest new improvements. The BF-30 is simply,

The Most Ingenious Collar on the Planet!

high tech pet makes the best electronic dog training collars
BF-30 5 Bluefang 5 in 1 SUPER COLLAR - (DISCONTINUED)
Include Extra Collar Batteries:
MSRP: $199.99
Today: $169.99
BF-3V-2P BLUEFANG BATTERY 2 PACK - for All Bluefang Collars
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Today: $59.99
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