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  • New,Ground-Breaking, Patent Pending Technology
  • Uses Your Smart Phone as Remote Transmitter
  • 400 ft. Range
  • Waterproof Remote Training Collar
  • 3 Command Tones
  • 3 Instant Stimulus Levels
  • Phone Controls an Unlimited Number of Collars
  • Customize the Stimulus Intensity for Each Dog
  • Customize the Stimulus Duration for Each Dog
  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Collar Automatically Upgrades as Future Features are Added to App
  • Operates on a Single Long-Life Replaceable Battery

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BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor


The Bluefang dog training collar allows dog training from your phone

The Future of Pet Training is Here with New BLUEFANG® "BITING EDGE" Technology
New, Bluefang® 3 in 1 collar gives you Remote Dog Training, Bark Control and Fitness Tracking in one light-weight, waterproof collar. It uses your iPhone or Android phone as a hand-held remote transmitter that works from distance of up to 400 ft. The collar and app are packed with advanced features not found on any other electronic dog collar. High Tech Pet's patent pending Bluefang® technology has allowed us to create the World's first remote electronic dog training collar that gives you the convenience and flexibility of using your smart phone to train your dog, control his barking and track activity and fitness.


A bark control collar controlled by your phone

The BF-16 gives you quick, easy and effective dog training based upon High Tech Pet's proprietary STARTM (Stimulus Tone And Reward) obedience training system that associates positive training tones with both desired behavior and reward. The app allows you to select from a series of training tones. Each tone is unique so that your dog can easily tell the difference between them. To train your dog to preform desired behaviors, you associate a tone with a positive command like "Sit", "Come", "Heel". This is done in 3 simple steps. 1. Play the tone and say the command. 2. Show your dog what to do. 3. Play the tone and reward your dog. The tones work as powerful memory access cues so that when your dog hears the tone, he remembers the behavior and associates it with a desirable behavior. This simple system works remarkably well, providing the most effortless and effective way to train your dog.

You will love this wireless dog training collar


dog training in 3 easy steps

There are also 3 deterrent stimulus buttons which allow you to instantly choose the shock stimulus level required. You can customize both the stimulus INTENSITY and DURATION for each level to match your dog's individual temperament. The app allows you to control an unlimited number of dog collars and customize the positive command labels and stimulus intensity and duration for each collar.

humane shock collar


The BF-16 is also the most advanced bark control collar on the planet

BARK SENSING: The collar uses a microphone to detect your dog's bark. Our bark sensing circuit can distinguish the sound of a bark from other noises with extremely high accuracy. This eliminates the need for an uncomfortable vibration sensing probe that most other bark control collars use. This collar is so smart it can distinguish the difference between nuisance barking and the more urgent, intruder and alarm barking. You can set the collar to allow the alarm barking if desired. There is also a special mode to detect and stop howling.

bark control collar allows intruder barking

A convenient bluetooth bark control collarBARK SENSING MODES

  1. Normal (Stops All Barking)
  2. Anti Intruder (Allows Alarm/ Emergency Barking)
  3. Anti Howl (Stops Barking and Howling)


  1. Sound Only
  2. Shock Only
  3. Sound + Shock


You can tune the BF-16 to your dog's individual voice to virtually eliminate false triggers or triggers. Set BARK DETECT LEVEL to the relative loudness of your dog's bark.

Set DOG SIZE to your dog's relative size. (Bigger dogs have a lower frequency bark. This setting looks for a bark in your dog's frequency range.)

PROGRESSIVE STIMULUS: The BF-16 uses progressive stimulus to quickly stop dog barking. At the first bark, your dog gets a warning tone after which shock stimulus is applied and increases with each bark, progressing through 6 levels. Progressive sound stimulus is also applied along with the shock stimulus to reinforce the perceived intensity.


Start by inputting your dog’s height, weight and breed to determine your dog’s BMI and fitness level. Then track activity overtime to make sure your dog is on a path to maximum fitness. While all other canine activity trackers merely tell you how much time your dog is active vs. sleeping. Only the extremely sophisticated Bluefang collar tells you your dog’s actual energy burn by the hour, day, week, month and year. An easy to read bar chart shows you actually activity level over time. A pie chart shows you the percentage of time your dog spends in Rest, Mild, Moderate, Active and Intense activity. The ability to track your dog’s actual energy burn over time is essential in making sure your dog is getting the right level of activity to achieve and maintain optimum fitness without overtraining. Only the Bluefang collar gives you an easy to use tool that puts this capability in the palm of your hand.


No other electronic dog training collar comes close to a Bluefang® collar. You get remote training, bark control, and 24 hour fitness tracking, all quickly and easily controlled by your smart phone. And, Bluefang technology is designed to grow and change as you and your dog do. There is a lot of extra hardware built into your Bluefang collar that will delight you in the future as we add functions and features to make use of it. The Firmware Update feature automatically sends new firmware to your collar always keeping it up to date. We are very proud of this ground-breaking new product and technology. We are sure it will change an improve the way you and the rest of the world, communicate with their pets!


UPC: 032868300169

Collar Weight: 2 oz.

Recommended for All Pets over 5 lbs.

Range: 400 ft.

Strap Length: 24"

Meets all FCC requirements

Battery: Model BF-3V series


PDF Manual
Need help? Try our bluetooth training collar manual

PowerPoint Presentation




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  Great Product - Great Concept, July 8, 2014
Posted By: M Sabina
16 people found this review helpful

This Bluefang is an amazing product! Very ingenious, and I love using my Iphone to train the dog! I love that I no longer have to go looking for the remote trainer. What do you always have with you every minute? Your Iphone! Love it!

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  Great Product, July 8, 2014
Posted By: Marilou Egnob
18 people found this review helpful

I love this new collar. I can train Jackson from my phone. Awesome! The training app is great. It's easy to use and Jackson started responding and behaving immediately. LOVE IT!!!

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BF-16 Bluefang 3 in 1 Collar - Training- Bark Control - Fitness & Activity Monitor
Include Extra Batteries?:
MSRP: $169.99
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BF-3V-2P BLUEFANG BATTERY 2 PACK - for All Bluefang Collars
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