We are proud to have achieved this BBB rating based upon serving millions of customers as if each was our only one!

    Beware of commercial “CONSUMER” complaint sites: Anyone can set up a blog or complaint forum. Some websites have the look and feel of an official government or Consumer Reports type of site when, in fact, they exist just to sell Google ads and pop-ups with little focus on fairness or accuracy. If you want to know the real story about a company, check them out with the Better Business Bureau. They evaluate companies based on the facts: company size, history and number of products shipped compared to number and type of complaints received. The BBB is not for profit. They do not sell ads and they have a nationally recognized reputation for unbiased, reliable company ratings. This is always a much better indicator of how well you can trust an online merchant.

    High Tech Pet is a leading, national manufacturer of high quality electronic pet care products. We have shipped millions of products to millions of delighted customers. And while we can’t claim to have never received a complaint, we can represent that the percentage we receive is among the lowest in our industry (about 1 in ten thousand). We invite you to let us prove how hard we will work to expeditiously ship you a quality product that exceeds your expectations and add you to our list of RAVING FANS!