Basic Bark Control Collar

Model #: BC-1code
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  • High Quality Nylon Strap
  • Adjusts From 5" to 24"
  • Lightweight and Comfortable on dogs weighing as little as 5 lbs.
  • Effective on dogs weighing as much as 150 lb or more!
The Bark Stops Here!

Economical Sonic Collar Stops Barking Fast!
Our BARK BUSTER Sonic Bark Control collar is a microprocessor controlled device that accurately senses your dog's bark and emits a painless, humane tone in direct response to your dog's barking.

Why sonic and not ULTRAsonic? Scientific tests show that the use of an audible tone to correct dog barking is far more effective that the kind of high frequency ultrasound that is above the level of human hearing. The correction tone emitted by the Bark Buster will quickly train your barking dog to stop.

How can just a tone really stop my dog from barking?When you first hear the tone emitted by the Bark Buster you may wonder how such a mild stimulus will really work. The key is PERSISTENCE. We like to think of the Bark Buster as kind of a Chinese water torture for barking dogs. At first your pet will scarcely notice it. But, after about 48 hours it will do anything to turn it off! Once your dog realizes that when he stops, it stops, you may mistake your pet for a rather large mouse. He'll be that quiet!

No other type of anti barking collar gives you all the benefits of the Bark Buster sonic bark control collar. It’s extremely effective, painless, humane and economical. The Bark Buster is guaranteed to stop dog barking as effectively as a shock collar without causing the pain and trauma sometimes associated with electric shock collars. It is every bit as successful and painless as a citronella collar at about 1/4 the cost!

End dog barking, fast with the electronic dog collar that doesn’t shock. The remarkable Bark Buster BC-1 is humane bark control that works!

Aprox dimensions: 1.5" X 2.25" X 1.25" high
Weight: 2.3oz
Operates on a standard 9 volt battery (available below)

BARK BUSTER Basic Bark Control Collar
MSRP: $39.95
Today: $29.95
9 Volt Alkaline Battery 2 Pack
MSRP: $3.99
Today: $3.49